Cargo Liner Showdown: Field Testing Husky Liners WeatherBeater™ vs. WeatherTech® Cargo Liners

Updated on Apr 26, 2024

One of the best things about owning an SUV or rugged wagon is opening the tailgate and throwing all your gear into the cargo hold. 

Since most SUVs and wagons come with a nicely finished, carpeted cargo hold, the last thing you want to worry about is getting mud, dirt, and debris all over your factory carpet. This is where high-quality, washable cargo liners come in. 

Brands like Husky Liners and WeatherTech offer custom-fitted cargo liners that provide optimal protection against whatever you can throw at them. Much like their quality floor liners, cargo liners keep your factory carpet safe and allow owners to quickly remove them, rinse, and re-install them for their next adventure. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to test out two of the best cargo liners in the industry and put them through their paces here in Northern Colorado. 

Let’s dig in to learn more about who takes the crown in this cargo liner showdown.

Husky and WeatherTech Cargo Liner Comparison Table






Husky Liners WeatherBeater™ Cargo Liner

Ultra-durable, rubberized TPO (Thermoplastic)

Full cargo area coverage includes a high lip containing debris and spills. Relaxed for an ideal fit in a few hours. 

Rubberized, raised surface keeps cargo from sliding, and a tall lip with a channel system contains the worst spills.

Ultra-durable material took a beating, was easy to clean, contained spills well, and kept cargo from sliding around.

WeatherTech® All-weather Cargo Liner

Custom blended TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Full coverage, including cubby coverage and notches for cargo tie-downs. Took several days for the material to relax.

Thick, durable liner with grooves to channel away dirt and liquid. No dedicated channel system, just an open grid. 

WeatherTech material is durable, but cargo slides around, and the channel system isn’t as effective.  

Fit and Materials: Small Detail Make the Difference

While both liners did a phenomenal job handling cargo and messes, their significant differences made huge impacts during daily usage.

Each liner offers a durable, thick feel well-suited to the task. Once I pulled the Husky Liners liner out of the box, it only took a few hours to relax, while the WeatherTech liner took several days to mostly relax. To this day, it is still not completely flat.  When it gets cold, the corners on the WeatherTech liner also tend to bow up a bit, especially in the corners. 

WeatherTech offers an additional section covering the small cargo cubby I use to stash rags and other gear. At first, I thought this was a great feature, but it didn’t fit particularly well in the cubby, and still, after nearly a week and a half, it is not lying flush with the floor. Since this area is already lined in plastic, I have less grief about not keeping it covered. In another plus, WeatherTech offers small notches where the cargo hooks are located for easier access to tying down bigger items. 

The Husky Liners cargo liner offered a seamless fit while opting not to include the additional coverage for the cubby and optional cargo hook notches that owners can cut out instead of pre-cut notches. For most owners, this will not be a problem, as the cargo hooks clear the outside lip adequately, and the cubby area remains separate and easily accessible without having the liner get in the way. Overall, this liner does exactly what it is designed to do. 

Durability-wise, both of the liners performed incredibly well. From bikes to dog nails and lawn equipment, both liners offered a high level of durability that had me wondering, “What will it take to damage these things?”. Liquids like sugary soda and even a bit of gasoline from a second-hand lawn mower did not stain or wreck the liner's surface. 

Watch for Sliding Gear 

As someone who uses their cargo area to its maximum capacity, one of my pet peeves is my gear sliding around as I navigate through corners. 

One of the coolest things about the Husky Liners Cargo Liner is the rubberized, raised surface that does an excellent job of not letting gear slide around. Instead of a rubberized surface like the Husky cargo liner, the WeatherTech unit offers a textured surface that is not nearly as raised and, as a result, allows things to slide around with abandon. A case in point is a foldaway cargo box with bare essentials that I keep in the back of my Outback. It slid around like crazy with the WeatherTech unit in place and barely budged with the Husky cargo liner. 

Thanks to deep channels, both liners did a great job moving liquids away and distributing them around the liner and away from my gear. While enjoying a little tailgate picnic, I spilled a sugary soda on the Husky Liners and it had no problems distributing the liquid around thanks to those high ridges. My cargo box was suspended above the mess and the liner easily contained the entire spill. 

From dogs to tailgate picnics, spilt sodas and muddy shoes, no matter what I threw at these liners, they took a beating and hardly showed any wear or tear after being cleaned off.

Cleaning and Upkeep: Easy to Clean, Easy to Love 

When you’re done working or playing, both of these liners are easy to remove, dump out any loose debris and clean with a basic garden hose. 

I found that the Husky Liners were a bit easier to clean and handle thanks to the less rigid construction but on the other hand, the WeatherTech’s slicker material was a bit more willing to let go of sticky messes like spilled soda or mud. Regardless, a bit of extra elbow grease and a strong stream of water removed the mud, spilled soda and a layer of soaked potato chips from the ill - fated tailgate picnic. 

There is no clear winner here but the Husky Liners is just a bit easier to handle while the WeatherTech unit is easy to hose down.

Video: Cleaning Husky Liners® WeatherBeater™ Cargo Liner

A Clear Winner 

The Husky Liners WeatherBeater™ stands out in this comparison thanks to its exceptional fit, extensive coverage, anti-slip rubberized finish, and robust construction, making it the top choice.

WeatherTech® has a reputable history as one of the pioneers in the custom-fitted floor liners market. Their liners are known for their durability, solid construction, and precise fit and finish. However, the Husky Liners WeatherBeater™ matches these qualities and goes further by providing a more functional design. Both brands offer easy installation and maintenance, and I believe either would provide long-lasting service.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a durable cargo liner from RealTruck® that provides a perfect fit, the Husky Liners WeatherBeater™ Cargo Liner is the ideal option.

VIDEO: Husky Liners WeatherBeater™ Cargo Liner Showdown

Wrapping it Up 

Thanks to the superior fit, additional coverage, non-slip, rubberized finish, and durable design, the Husky Liners® WeatherBeater™ is the clear winner in this comparison. 

WeatherTech® is a long-standing, trusted brand that was one of the original players in the custom-fitted floor liner marketplace. Their products are durable, well constructed, and offer a high level of fit and finish. However, the Husky Liners® WeatherBeater™ offers all those positive attributes with a superior fit and a more functional design with a larger coverage area. Installation and cleaning are simple with both mats, and I am confident that both would give many years of service. 

Bottom line: if you want to purchase a durable cargo liner from RealTruck® that fits like a glove, the Husky Liners® WeatherBeater™ is all you need.

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