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Pro Comp 6" Basic Lift Kits

$974.89 - $3,130.89
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  • Most kits come with new shocks
  • Durable high quality components
  • Installation hardware included
  • Complete front and rear lift
  • Lifetime warranty

When it comes to lift kits, one name stands out above the rest: Pro Comp. Pro Comp 6" basic lift kits are upgraded to the latest technological standards to provide you with the best lift and ride possible. Pro Comp focuses on putting kits together that give you the best bang for your buck. All Pro Comp kits are CAD engineered and laser-cut for precise fit and function.

Pro Comp lift kits are detailed and include everything you need to fully lift your truck. Professional installation is recommended. Many kits require tools that no everyone has lying around their garage. Upon installation make sure to align your vehicle. Pro Com basic lift kits are backed by a limited lifetime warranty!

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We recommend having your lift kit installed by a professional shop. However you may be able to install it yourself. Pro Comp complete lift kits may require tools that most people do not have in their toolbox. Once installed you should have your vehicle aligned.


Pro Comp warranties its full line of products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the product. Pro Comp’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at Pro Comp’s option, of the defective product. Any and all costs of removal, installation, freight or incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded from this warranty. Pro Comp is not responsible for damages and / or warranty of other vehicle parts related or non-related to the installation of Pro Comp product. A consumer who makes the decision to modify his vehicle with aftermarket components of any kind will assume all risk and responsibility for potential damages incurred as a result of their chosen modifications. Warranty coverage does not include consumer opinions regarding ride comfort, fitment and design. Warranty claims can be made directly with Pro Comp or at any factory authorized Pro Comp dealer.

Parts subject to normal wear; this includes bushings, bump stops, ball joints, tie rod ends and heim joints.
Finish after 90 days.
Damage caused as a result of not following recommendations or requirements called out in the installation manuals.
Pro Comp coil-over shocks have a one-year warranty against blown seals (leaking oil) only. Replacement coil-overs can be purchased at a discounted rate. Contact Pro Comp for specific charges. Pro Comp accepts no responsibility for any altered product, improper installation, lack of or improper maintenance or improper use of our products.

Although you may purchase your kit from any retailer, in order to be qualified for Lift Shield Registration, make sure your kit is INSTALLED at an authorized installer. All authorized installers are posted on our website here https://data.procompusa.com/liftshield/choose.asp?dest=find_installer.asp

All internal lubricated parts, timing belt, pulleys and cover; oil pump; water pump; manifolds; harmonics balancer; engine mounts; turbocharger housing, internal parts and vanes. Note: Cases, housings engine block and cylinder heads are only covered if damaged by the failure of an internal lubricated part.

All internal lubricated parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator.

All internal lubricated parts. Does not include manual clutch, pressure plate, throw –out bearings, pilot bearing or bushing, clutch master or slave cylinders.

All internal lubricated parts, propeller shafts, supports and U-joints, axle shafts and bearings.

All internal lubricated parts, propeller shafts, axle shafts, constant velocity joints, front hub bearings.

Upon payment of the $100 deductible per visit and before the expiration of this agreement, the necessary repairs to the components listed above will be reimbursed without additional charge to you. Replacement of any part may be made with new parts or parts of like kind and quality at the time of breakdown, at the option of the Manufacturer.

This Limited Warranty Agreement will cover only those items listed under “What is Covered”, and does not cover the following: Incidental or consequential damages or loss caused by breakdown of components (or otherwise) including property damage, personal injury, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use and commercial loss.

Commercial use is excluded and will void coverage under this Limited Warranty Agreement. Repairs required because of collision, abuse, overheating, or operation without proper lubrication or coolant, road conditions, misuse, negligence, alterations, racing, accidents, fires, floods, riots, acts of God, vandalism, upset, theft, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, abuse through towing or improper load capacity, abuse through continued operation of an impaired vehicle, or any other losses normally covered by casualty insurance. Repairs that would be covered by the vehicle original manufacturers’ warranty unless written evidence is submitted that a claim made under the original manufacturers’ warranty was denied due to a lift kit installed by the Seller. Excessive oil consumption, loss of compression, or gradual reduction in operating performance after purchase, any repairs on vehicles whose mileage has been altered or whose odometer has been tampered with. Repairs covered by this Limited Warranty Agreement in excess of the then current NADA wholesale value of your vehicle prior to the breakdown of the covered component. The total of all benefits paid or payable under this Limited Warranty Agreement shall not exceed the price paid for the vehicle. Repairs performed by someone other than the seller. Rental or towing expenses.

Service adjustment/cleaning, carburetor, throttle body assembly (except injectors), contaminated fuel system, air conditioning recharge, refrigerant, coolant, battery cables, belts, hoses, brakes (front hubs, drums, shoes, lining, disc rotors and pads), exhaust system (including catalytic converter), filters, fluids, lights (bulbs, sealed beam and lenses), lubricants, manual clutch disc, strut studs, wiper blades, shop supplies and hazardous wa sted removal. Repairs, retrofit, or replacement of any components caused by or due to compliance with any law or legislation including the 1990 Clean Air Act.

Service adjustments (glass and body parts), bright metal, bumpers, body panels, door handles, hinges, glass, moldings, outside ornamentation, convertible or vinyl tops, paint, rust, sheet metal, sideview, mirrors (glass and housing), air and water leaks, weather-strip, wheel covers/ornaments and wind noise. Physical damage, alignment of bumper and body parts. Interior – Buttons, carpet, dash pad, door and window handles, knobs, rearview mirror (glass and housing), trim and upholstery. Radios, tape players, compact disc players, graphic equalizers, speakers, cellular telephones, theft deterrent systems, and radar detectors.

Failure to perform the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance will result in loss of your protection under the Limited Warranty Agreement. Maintenance records from the date of the delivery supported by the receipts indicating dated, mileage and services performed must be kept by the vehicle purchaser and made available to Manufacturer on request.

The Coverage provided by this Limited Warranty Agreement applies only to the covered vehicle while owned by the person whose name appears on this agreement. This agreement is non-transferrable.

You must deliver your vehicle to YOUR Vehicle’s Factory Authorized Repair Facility. Contact the Lift Shield Claims Administration office at (800) 335-8769 for claims authorization. Claims MUST be authorized by the claims office prior to any repair being performed.

5 Year / 60,000 Mile Powertrain Protection
$1,500 value FREE
Easy Registration
A Pro Comp Exclusive
Modify Your Vehicle with Confidence
Have Complete Peace of Mind

Pro Comp is the first aftermarket suspension manufacturer in the United States and Canada that offers Lift Shield – a FREE 5 year / 60,000 mile powertrain warranty on qualifying suspension kits. Lift Shield protects Pro Comp’s most popular suspension systems for late model trucks and Jeeps*. It also covers powertrain-related components, including the engine, transmission, transfer case, gears and axles. Without this protection repairs to your engine could cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why Lift Shield is so valuable – it actually protects the vehicle on which it is installed. No other suspension manufacturer can offer this type of protection and value.

Whether your vehicle is used for towing bikes to the desert or hauling supplies home from the hardware store, you will have total piece of mind when covered by Lift Shield.