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2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser Truck Lift Kits & Body Lifts

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Icon 0 - 4" Adjustable Coilover Lift Kits
Icon 0 - 4" Adjustable Coilover Lift Kits
From:  $1,960.80
Supreme Suspensions 3" Lift Kits
From:  $204.95
Supreme Suspensions 3.5" Lift Kits
From:  $814.95
Superlift K1012
Superlift 3" Lift Kits
From:  $599.95
ReadyLIFT 3" SST Lift Kits
ReadyLIFT 3" SST Lift Kits
From:  $439.95
Pro Comp 6" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $2,122.93
Pro Comp 3" Nitro Lift Kits
Pro Comp 3" Nitro Lift Kits
From:  $369.99
Skyjacker 3" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $945.89
Rough Country Leveling Kit
From:  $129.95
Rough Country 3" Basic Lift Kit
From:  $269.95
Zone 2.5 Inch Lift Kits
Zone 2.5" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $279.24
BDS 3" Lift Kit
BDS 3" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $559.99
Fabtech 6" Basic Lift Kits
Fabtech 6" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $3,157.72
Fabtech 3" Coilover Lift Kits
Fabtech 3" Coilover Lift Kits
From:  $3,324.45
Fabtech 6" Coilover Lift Kits
Fabtech 6" Coilover Lift Kits
From:  $5,195.49

Suspension Lift Kits and Body Lift Kits

Whether you’re looking to improve your rides aesthetics, conquer challenging terrain, or both, RealTruck has you covered! We offer the largest selection of lift kits for your vehicle, including body lifts and suspension lifts from the leading manufacturers. 

Having trouble deciding on a lift? Check out our top lift and level kits on RealSource

And for one-on-one assistance, reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales professionals. 

Why Install a Lift?

Customers install lifts onto their pickups for a number of reasons, but aesthetics and off-road performance are the most common. 


While not every enthusiast hits the trail in their ride, we’re all constantly looking for ways to improve our truck’s aesthetics. Installing a lift kit is one of the most impactful modifications you can make, providing a far more aggressive stance and room for oversized wheel/tire combos. 


Besides toughening-up your truck’s appearance, a lift kit also toughens your ride up on the trail. With added ground clearance, you’ll be able to conquer challenging obstacles and terrain with ease.  

Suspension Vs. Body Lifts

Check out the key differences between these common lift kit styles below!

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits achieve a taller ride height by modifying your vehicle’s suspension components with items like lift spindles, strut spacers, extended struts, drop brackets, blocks, and taller shocks. Suspension lifts have a tendency to alter ride quality, and are traditionally more expensive than body lifts. 

Body Lift Kits

Unlike suspension lifts, body lift kits don’t modify the suspension at all. Instead, lift is achieved using a series of alloy or composite spacers that replace your vehicle’s factory body mount bushings. By elevating the body above the frame by 2-3-inches, your vehicle will have the appearance of a 2-3-inch tall lift.