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1982 Dodge Ramcharger Performance Tuners, Programmers & Monitors

Performance Tuners, Programmers & Monitors

At RealTruck, we carry a wide selection of devices to boost and monitor engine performance, ranging from viewing-specific monitors to full-blown tuners! 

Engine Monitors

Engine monitors don’t add any power or efficiency to your vehicle. Instead, they allow you to view various parameters and values of your drivetrain to monitor the health of the engine, transmission, cooling system, fuel system, and more! 

Most monitors also include full diagnostic trouble code reading and clearing that aid in diagnostics and troubleshooting. Monitors are best for trucks running another brand’s tuning or drivers that wish to keep an eye on their drivetrain without installing a custom tune.

Programmers & Tuners

Programmers & Tuners allow you to change specific parameters in your vehicle’s computer to boost power and efficiency. These devices alter values like air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, fuel pressure, and injector pulse to extract more power from the factory hardware. 

Several tuners also feature full monitoring, data logging, and DTC reading capabilities, making them useful for any modified vehicle.

Programmer Mounts & Accessories

At RealTruck, we also carry a wide assortment of tuner and monitor mounts and accessories, allowing you to securely and stylishly mount your tuner/monitor for adequate visibility and a factory-style appearance.

In addition to mounts, we also offer auxiliary sensors, sending units, and wiring kits to monitor additional value, like EGT (exhaust gas temperature), oil pressure, and more!

Speedometer Calibrators

Swapping differential gear raptors or adding larger tires can significantly throw off your vehicle’s speedometer, odometer, and transmission shift points. Luckily, RealTruck carries various speedometer calibrators to account for these modifications, adjusting your speedometer to read correctly.

Truck Performance Resources

For additional information on tuners, programmers, and other performance products for your truck, check out our expert-crafted articles on RealSource!