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Benefits of Performance Programmers and Tuners

Are you looking to add a tuner or programmer to your vehicle? Before placing an order, let’s cover how these handy handhelds boost power. 

Tuners and programmers improve your vehicle’s performance by modifying the factory tune stored in the computer. In factory form, most vehicles feature relatively conservative tunes to provide maximum longevity and run efficiently on lower-octane, less expensive fuel grades. Tuners and programmers simply adjust values like ignition timing, fuel rail pressure, injector pulse, air/fuel mixture, and more, allowing the engine to run more efficiently and, thus, increasing power and fuel economy.

Tuners and programmers provide dyno-proven horsepower, torque, and efficiency gains, all with a simple plug-in module! For more information, check out our RealSource article explaining the ins and outs of these handy devices. 

Choosing a Tuner or Programmer

With so many tuners and programmers on the market, narrowing your selection to a single product can be a hassle. Before placing an order, consider the following factors: 

Fuel Type

Does your vehicle run on gasoline or diesel fuel? Believe it or not, this makes a difference! Some companies, like Edge, specialize in performance tuners and monitors for diesel pickups, while others, like DiabloSport, dominate the gasoline tuning world. 

Monitor or Handheld? 

Some tuners, like the Diablosport Trinity 2 Platinum and Edge CTS3 Evolution Programmers feature color touch-screen displays with full monitoring capabilities, displaying several essential parameters like fuel pressure, boost, and RPM. While typically more expensive, programmers/monitors provide essential features that other handheld and plug-in tuners don't. 


If you’re a glutton for features like integrated driver coaching, data logging, and throttle sensitivity adjustment, verify that your selected tuner or programmer supports these additional features. Some of our top feature-rick programmers include the Diablosport Trinity 2 Platinum Programmer, Edge CTS3 Evolution Programmer, and the Edge CTS3 Juice with Attitude Diesel Programmers for diesel applications. 

Installation Type

Depending on the type of tuner, installation may be as simple as a quick plug into the OBDII port or as complex as a multi-plug module tapped into your vehicle’s engine bay, like the aFe Scorcher. If you’re a competent DIY-er, installing either type may be a breeze; however, if you’re a novice mechanic, you may prefer a simple plug-and-play module, like the DiabloSport Sprint.

Price Point

Tuners and programmers can vary in price significantly depending on their monitoring capabilities, additional features, and tunability. If you’re in the market for a simple, budget-minded tuner, consider a plug-and-play module, like the DiabloSport Sprint or Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device

At the other end of the spectrum are premium, feature-laden monitors/programmers. While products like the Superchips FlashPaq or Bully Dog GT are nearly double the price of most plug-in modules, they also offer double the features! 

Other Performance Products

Aside from tuners and programmers, we offer several performance products to boost your ride’s horsepower, torque, and efficiency. These include:

Air Intakes: Air intakes allow your vehicle to breathe, utilizing high-flow conical air filters, oversized intake tubes, and smooth silicone intake hoses to promote efficient airflow into turbos, superchargers, and intake manifolds. 

Exhausts & Mufflers: Like air intakes, exhausts, and mufflers focus on airflow; however, instead of funneling air in, they direct it out! High-flow exhaust systems and mufflers reduce back pressure and increase exhaust flow with products like large-diameter, mandrel-bent tubing, and high-flow mufflers and resonators. 

Performance Packages: Performance packages are the ultimate, one-stop shop for automotive performance. They feature combinations of top-quality tuners, programmers, exhaust systems, and intakes, significantly improving performance with a single purchase! 

Performance Resources and Articles

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