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LED Light Bars

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LED Light Bars

  • Single Row: Slim, bright, and highly efficient, single-row LED bars feature a single row of LED chips in a high-output reflector housing.

  • Double Row: Offering potent performance with a slightly taller profile, double-row LED bars feature two layered rows of LED chips in a high-output reflector housing. 

  • Modular: Offering exceptional output and unforgettable styling, modular LED bars chain together several smaller independent lights, allowing you to customize dimensions, output, and more. 

  • Straight: Forward-projecting light bars with a flat lens and straight housing. 

  • Curved: Forward-projecting light bars offering a wider beam due to their convex, curved housing and lens.

Is your truck, Jeep®, or SUV plagued with lackluster visibility in low-light conditions? RealTruck® offers the largest selection of LED light bars, making navigating dark trails and dimly lit back roads a breeze. 

From simple single-row LED bars to dual-row and modular variants, RealTruck has you covered. 

Why Should You Install an LED Light Bar?

LED chips offer some of the most efficient light output on the market, producing loads of light while drawing minimal power from your vehicle’s electrical system. LED light bars capitalize on this technology, stringing multiple LED chips in a single, compact housing. The resulting light bar significantly outperforms halogens and other incandescent bulbs—all while using approximately 80 percent less energy.

So the question isn’t why you should install an LED light bar, but why wouldn’t you?

Choosing an LED Light Bar

LED light bars come in several shapes and sizes, offering different aesthetics and characteristics. Which is right for you?

Single-Row Light Bars

Single-row LED light bars feature an ultra-compact design, utilizing a single row of LED chips. This slim housing lends itself to installation in tight places, like bumper cutouts and behind grilles.

Double-Row Light Bars

Double-row LED light bars offer potent performance and a slightly taller profile than their single-row counterparts. They feature double-stacked LED chips for double the output. Where space permits, double-row LED light bars are a significant upgrade over most single-row options. 

Modular Light Bars

Modular light bars string several smaller LED pods into a single light source. With robust brackets and linked harnesses, modular bars operate as a single light while allowing far more customization than other light bar styles.

Straight vs. Curved LED Light Bars

Light bars also come in straight and curved profiles, significantly impacting performance and output. 

Straight LED light bars almost exclusively project light forward, featuring a flat lens and straight housing. Alternatively, curved LED light bars often feature a wider beam due to their convex, curved housing and lens.

Aside from output, these profiles also offer different aesthetics. Straight LED light bars complement angular platforms with flat front ends, like a Jeep® Wrangler or Ford Bronco—alternatively, curved light bars best fit sweeping curves.

Beam Patterns

So, what about beam patterns? LED light bars come in several, which directly impact light output. The most common beam patterns include: 

  • Flood: Projects a wide, diffused beam of light short distances. Flood beams are ideal for wide, up-close viewing, frequently employed as ditch lights to illuminate the sides of a trail.

  • Spot: Projects a precise, focused beam of light long distances. Spot beams are ideal for long-distance viewing, though they offer little illumination of the immediate surroundings.  

  • Combo: Balances spot and floor patterns, projecting moderately far and wide. While combo beams cover more surface area, they offer less width than flood and less distance than spot beams. 

  • Driving: Similar to a flood beam, though with a sharper cutoff. Driving beams are ideal for use as auxiliary driving lights. 

  • Fog: Similar to flood beams, though positioned lower and angled toward the road. Fog beams help cut through fog, rain, and other inclement weather.

RealTruck Expert Picks

At RealTruck, we aren’t just retailers—we're also manufacturers behind some of your favorite brands. We understand the importance of effective lighting—check out some of our top picks.

Top Multi-Use LED Light Bar: Go Rhino Flash Series 30" Multi Function LED Light Bar

Why we love it: 

  • High-pressure cast aluminum housing

  • Durable polycarbonate lens

  • Available in 10, 20, and 30-in. lengths

  • Serves various functions

  • Brake light, running light, amber, and DRL combo with white flood

  • 5-year warranty

Why we love it: 

  • Sleek, flush-mount design

  • Robust steel housing

  • Stealthy black powder coat finish

  • Double-row combo spot and flood beam pattern

  • Dust and moisture-resistant lens

  • 3-year warranty

For more information on LED light bars, check out the following articles on RealSource—your source for all things truck, Jeep®, and more.  

If you have additional inquiries or need assistance placing an order, contact our knowledgeable sales team, available seven days a week.