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2016 Toyota 4Runner Van Shelving and Storage Systems

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Benefits of Van Shelving

If you work out of your utility van, the cargo area is more than just storage space; it’s a mobile workshop packed with everything you need to service your customers! Just as no one likes a messy shop, the same applies to your work van. Fortunately, with RealTruck’s Van Shelving and Storage Systems, you’ll never have to worry about poor organization! 

We offer a wide selection of van-specific interior shelving and storage solutions, ensuring a setup that suits your profession. From basic workbenches to full-blown equipment packages, we carry everything you need to efficiently organize your tools, materials, and parts.

Other benefits aside from organization and efficiency include having a more presentable appearance to customers, comfortable traveling without parts and tools bouncing around the cargo area, enhanced safety, and preventing damage to your Van’s interior panels from poorly organized/stored items.

Styles of Van Shelving and Storage

Van shelving and Storage Systems come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from compact workspaces to massive, vehicle-specific storage systems. Some of our top-selling systems include: 

  • Van Packages: Comprehensive storage systems engineered for particular trades and professions. Our van packages, like the Kargo Master Electrician Van Package, include everything you need to build a mobile workspace, including shelving, drawers, cabinets, and passenger compartment dividers, keeping your business and driver’s seat separate. While pricey, these packages contain everything you’ll need to organize your van’s cargo area. 

  • Storage Racks and Shelves: While not as comprehensive as Van Packages, Storage Racks and Shelves, like Vantech Universal Shelving, feature one or more shelves or cabinets to organize your parts, tools, and any other essential cargo. 

  • Workbench: Regardless of the trade, we recommend having a comfortable workspace in your van. Bolt-in workbenches, like the Kargo Master Workbench, provide just that! 

  • Conduit Tube: Our van rack-compatible conduit tubes, like the Prime Design Conduit Tube, allow electricians and contractors to transport long runs of conduit safely and securely, preventing unsightly dents, dings, and kinks.

Tips to Organize Your Van

Though having the proper shelving and storage systems is a good starting point, we recommend following some tips and guidelines to keep your workspace thoroughly clean and organized, including: 

  • Label Everything: Labeling your shelves and cabinets makes sorting through, restocking, and reorganizing your cargo a breeze. 

  • Store Large and Heavy Items by the Door: Reduce the distances you have to carry heavier pieces; no one needs to injure their back or take a tumble in a packed cargo area. Always load heavy objects as close to the floor as possible, preventing additional damage during an accident or sharp maneuver.

  • Group Similar Items Together: Keep better track of your parts stock by grouping likes with likes. Whether that’s similarly-sized fittings, different sizes of the same item, or however you prefer to organize! 

  • Create Task-Oriented Tool Boxes for Regular Activities: If you frequently engage in a specific task, consider assembling a separate tool box with everything necessary for that particular job. Next time you hit the job site, you won’t need to spend 20 minutes collecting all the proper tools! 

  • Make Cleanup Easy: Pack your cargo efficiently, ensuring cleanup is a breeze. You’ll be more inclined to clean up at the end of a shift if putting your tools and parts away is easy, and you'll thank yourself the following morning.