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2016 Toyota 4Runner Door Sill Protectors

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Are you tired of finding new scuffs, scratches, and dirt streaks across your truck’s door sills? Keep your ride’s valuable paint protected with a set of quality door sill protectors from RealTruck! We offer various styles and materials, ensuring a proper fit and finish on your ride! 

What Does a Door Sill Protector Do? 

Door Sill Protectors guard your truck, Jeep, or SUV’s painted door sills against impacts and abrasions that would otherwise result in paint damage. Preventative paint protection also protects against the formation of rust and corrosion, keeping the rocker panels from turning into swiss cheese after a rough winter or two! 

From a merely aesthetic standpoint, door sill protectors also guard against dirt streaks and smudges from dirty shoes. 

Styles of Door Sill Protectors

Door sill protectors come in several styles and materials; learn about our most popular offerings below!  

Stainless Steel Door Sill Plates

Stainless steel door sill plates, such as the Ford-Licensed model from Putco, offer a clean and modern design. Not only are stainless steel door sill plates stylish, but also highly durable and corrosion-resistant! The alloy construction won’t crack, break, or wear through after excessive abrasions, ensuring maximum door sill protection for years to come.

Illuminated Door Sill Plates

Illuminated door sill plates, like this popular offering from Recon, offer additional styling beyond their sleek alloy construction. Electro-illuminated logos grace each door sill panel, showcasing your vehicle’s brand logo or model for a premium, factory-inspired appearance. Purchasers can choose between black and brushed finishes and red and blue illumination, allowing further customization. 

ABS Plastic Door Sill Plates

ABS plastic door sill plates, like the StepShield from AVS, offer sleek factory-inspired styling and excellent protection. The rugged ABS construction resists UV damage, impacts, and abrasions for years of reliable service. ABS plastic’s semi-flexible qualities make for a simple installation into any vehicle, molding and conforming to the door jamb contours.