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2013 Ford F450 Truck Tents

Truck Tent & Awning Camping Methods

Why pitch a tent when you can ride around with your shelter in/on the bed of your truck? In recent years, overlanding has spawned an immense surge of truck bed tents and awnings, allowing you to set up camp in minutes! At RealTruck, we offer several shelter styles, including:

These sleek, collapsible tents are engineered for installation onto a roof rack or bed rack. With hinged designs and integrated ladders, you can go from finding a camping spot to setting up camp in under 10 minutes!

Truck bed tents combine the outdoorsy adventure of a classic pop-up tent with the safety and security of sleeping in the bed of your truck! These tents are specially designed to fit within your pickup's bed, keeping you well off the ground and away from moisture, insects, and potential pests! They also ensure a flat, comfortable floor compared to sleeping on rocky, uneven ground.

Truck awnings are the ultimate in shady comfort. These convenient, collapsible awnings attach to a solid position on your truck’s bed rack or SUV’s roof rack. With a quick unfold or unroll, you’ll enjoy a break from the sun that's ideal for spectating motorsports or relaxing by the tent.

Top Truck Bed & Awning Brands

At RealTruck, we carry all of the top truck tent and awning brands, ensuring maximum quality, comfort, and longevity, including: 

  • Yamika: A mass producer of quality roof racks, tents, rooftop tents, awnings, and more! Yakima is renowned for exceptional quality and comprehensive 1–2 year warranties. 

  • Thule: If you’re familiar with the Yakima name, you’ll likely also recognize its Swedish competitor: Thule. Thule produces numerous premium tents and awnings, providing plenty of shade and shelter for the routine camper. 

  • Napier: Budget-friendly Napier is a significant player in the truck bed tent market, specializing in high-quality truck and SUV tents. With numerous styles available under the $300 price point, you can enjoy a quality camping experience for a fraction of the price!

Truck Bed Tent Buying Guide

When purchasing a new truck bed tent, consider these factors to ensure the best fit for your needs! 

  • Cost: Your budget will likely play a massive role in your tent and awning selections. Luckily, quality options range from under $200 to nearly $2,000!

  • Materials: Are you looking for a rugged, full-waterproof tent or a simple, weather-resistant offering? You’ll likely be able to narrow your options based on the tent’s material construction. Common materials include polyester, polyethylene, and reinforced cotton canvas. 

  • Compact Vs. Full-Size: Are you a solo camper or do you prefer to take a friend? Most tents include their max capacity; however, we always recommend splurging for the 2-person tent even as a solo camper. Having the extra room for gear and supplies makes a world of difference! 

  • Floor Vs. No Floor: While most tents include a polyethylene floor for added water and critter protection, others rely on the sides to seal out moisture and weather. In most cases, we recommend tents with integrated floors. 

  • Headroom: Do you prefer to stand tall, or are you alright with squatting down to climb into your tent? While some truck bed tents and SUV tents grant standing room, most rooftop tents are just tall enough to crawl into and sit upright. 

  • Footprint: How large is the tent when unfolded? When folded? A tent’s footprint may play a large role in your selection, especially if you plan to mount it on a compact/mid-size vehicle.