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Truck Tents

While a weekend camping trip is tough to beat, that’s not to say it comes without issues. Pitching a tent once you reach your campsite can be a hassle, whether a leisurely drive or a remote trail away. 

From selecting a flat, level patch of earth to organizing your poles, rain flies, and tie anchors, setting up a tent can be arduous, as is breaking it down when it’s time to head home! Plus, you’re still subject to bugs, pests, and other disturbances on the ground. 

Luckily, RealTruck has the solution: a premium truck bed or rooftop tent! We offer several tent types, though each offers simple transport, setup, and, in most cases, an elevated sleeping platform to protect against moisture, insects, pests, and more!

Truck Tent Considerations

When selecting your ideal truck tent, it’s vital to consider several factors, such as the type and size of the vehicle, your tent’s use, mounting location, and various features. 

Vehicle Type and Size

Beginning with the vehicle type and size, which class of vehicle are you looking to outfit with a tent? If an SUV, you’ll likely be looking for an SUV or rooftop style tent, like the Rugged Ridge Roof Top Tent, whereas pickups can utilize a rooftop tent attached to a truck rack, like the RealTruck GoTent, or a bed-mounted tent, like the Napier Outdoors Sportz Truck Tents

Additionally, the size of your vehicle determines which tent sizes are compatible, as larger vehicles have more cargo space to fit a spacious tent.

Tent Usage

Next, let’s discuss the tent’s use. Are you planning to use the tent sporadically or every weekend? What type of climate will you be staying in?

Each question helps to inform your tent selection, as the more frequently a tent gets used, the better quality tent we’d recommend purchasing. Additionally, the climate determines a tent’s material and features. The more extreme the weather, the more insulation we recommend.

Mounting Locations

Next, let’s talk about mounting locations. Tents come in several mounting configurations, including rooftop, truck bed, annex (attached to the vehicle but resting on the ground), and SUV tents, which attach to the rear hatch. 

Rooftop tents are ideal for mounting high off the ground and away from wildlife and pests. Truck bed tents are easy to set up but pose an issue for those who regularly carry cargo in the bed. Annex tents are great for bolstering sleeping space but rest on the ground like a standard tent. SUV tents are essentially add-ons for your SUV’s cargo area, allowing you to sleep in your SUV’s cargo area or on the ground with easy access to gear in the hatch.


Lastly, we have additional features. This category covers options like awnings, premium materials, integrated floors, and more! Consider which features are must-haves and which you can live without. Weigh these options against tent prices, and select which offering best fits your needs and budget!