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Are you looking to upgrade the comfort and driving experience of your Jeep or Bronco? Then check out our selection of tops! We carry the leading brands and models of hard and soft tops to outfit your 4x4 for any season!

Top Types and Styles

Jeep and Bronco tops come in several configurations, allowing you to drastically alter your driving experience. Whether you prefer the fully enclosed sensation of cruising with a hard top or enjoy the open-air feel of a bikini or bimini, we have you covered! Let’s check out some of our most popular top types and styles.

Hard Tops

Hard tops are, without a doubt, the most comfortable top style on the market. Using heavy-duty fiberglass and automotive-grade glass, hard tops are quiet, comfortable, and well-insulated; unfortunately, they're also the priciest of top styles.

Soft Tops

Next, we have soft tops. These cost-effective tops feature a soft canvas or marine-grade vinyl construction with transparent vinyl windows, delivering adequate water resistance for complete tops; however, full tops aren't the only option when shopping for soft tops. Numerous other styles exist, including: 

  • Frameless Tops: Frameless tops don’t feature the conventional alloy frames of a factory soft top; instead, they attach directly to the sport bar for an easy installation and sleek, fast-back-style appearance. 

  • Bikini: Bikini tops cover only the top/front of the sport bar, protecting the driver and front passenger against UV exposure and mild drizzles. 

  • Bimini: Bimini tops are nearly identical to Bikini tops; however, they cover the entire passenger area rather than just the front two seats. 

  • Sunshades/Mesh: Sunshades are essentially mesh versions of bikini/bimini tops. While they offer some UV protection, they still allow some light in from the top, providing an open-air feel.

Hard Top vs. Soft Top

So, which top style is best for you? Both hard tops and soft tops offer their own unique benefits; the choice is entirely up to preference. 

Generally, hard tops are far more secure compared to soft tops, resisting cuts and break-ins. They're also far more insulated, making for more efficient heating/cooling and quiet, comfortable driving characteristics. Downsides include the higher price tag, more challenging installation, and difficulty storing when not in use. 

On the other hand, soft tops offer a “Jeep-like” experience, catering to the rough, adventurous, open-air spirit of the Jeep brand. They’re versatile, easy to install, and cost-effective, though they sacrifice security and insulation. 

For additional information, check out our Jeep Tops Buyer’s Guide on RealSource.