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Having trouble deciding which bed cover style is right for your ride? Check out RealTruck’s expansive catalog of roll-up tonneau covers! We carry a wide selection of roll-up covers across all major make and models; whatever you drive, we have a cover for it! 

To aid in the selection of the perfect bed cover for your pickup, check out our roll-up tonneau cover buyer’s guide on RealSource

And for one-on-one assistance, contact one of our knowledgeable sale’s reps; our phone lines are open seven days a week. 

Why Opt for a Roll-Up Tonneau Cover?

With so many options available, why should you opt for a roll-up bed cover? Check out our favorite qualities below! 

Simple Installation

Roll-up tonneau covers are incredibly easy to install. Generally separated into three pieces–two tracks and a main overlay–a roll-up tonneau cover can be bolted into place in under 30-minutes using nothing but standard hand tools. 

Bed Accessibility

Unlike some styles of bed cover which require removal to gain full access to the bed, roll-up tonneau covers can be rolled-up entirely against the bulkhead.

Styles of Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Soft Roll-Up

Affordable and sleek; soft roll-up tonneau covers are manufactured from a large piece of marine-grade vinyl or canvas material. Installation is a breeze, and the cover is moderately water-resistant. 

Hard Roll-Up

Tough and durable, but at a higher price-point. Hard roll-up tonneau covers feature a series of aluminum or composite slats with a vinyl overlay for added strength and security.