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Manual Retractable Tonneau Covers

Protect your valuable cargo against thieves and poor weather conditions with a manual-retractable tonneau cover from RealTruck! Manual retractable tonneau covers feature sleek, low-profile designs, intuitive retractable operation, and heavy-duty construction, making them the ideal addition to any pickup! 

These tonneau covers feature a durable interlocking slat construction that slides into a bulkhead-mounted canister, protecting your cargo while locked over the bed and the cover while retracted! When in the retracted position, manual retracting tonneau covers allow nearly complete bed access, allowing you to load oversized cargo without impacting available space. When closed, retractable tonneau covers lock securely in place, dissuading would-be thieves.

Manual retractable tonneau covers feature a low-profile design that’s sleek and aerodynamic, boosting mileage in style! Most are compatible with bed racks and accessories, especially those with integrated T-slot rails, like the RetraxPRO XR

While operating a manual retractable tonneau cover is quick and easy, doing so on a lifted pickup can impact usability. In such cases, check out our selection of wheel-to-wheel nerf bars/running boards for an integrated bedside step! We also offer several retractable bed steps, offering the convenience of a bed-mounted step without impacting aesthetics or ground clearance.

Manual Retractable Tonneau Cover Options

At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of manual retractable tonneau covers featuring unique builds and characteristics. Some of the most commonly encountered options include material choice and locking positions.


All manual retractable tonneau covers feature a similar slat construction; however, different models implement different materials. The most popular include lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate, composite, and durable aluminum. Some retractable tonneau covers also include a marine-grade vinyl outer shell, like the Roll-N-Lock M-Series XT.

Locking Positions

While all retractable tonneau covers feature locks in the full-open and full-closed positions, others include locks in several places along the bed. Some of the most popular locking positions, between the full-open and full-closed locks, include an adjustable third position, locks every 12 inches along the bed, or products like the GatorTrax and RetraxONE MX that you can lock in any position!

Retractable Tonneau Cover Resources

RealTruck knows a thing or two about tonneau covers. After all, we’re one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of high-end bed covers! For additional information, check out some of our tonneau cover resources on RealSource

And remember, we ship all tonneau covers for free to the lower 48 states. For specific product information and order assistance, contact the experts.