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Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers

Are you looking for a lightweight, affordable, and stylish tonneau cover to protect your valuable cargo against extreme weather conditions and would-be thieves? Then consider investing in a premium soft tri-fold tonneau cover from RealTruck! 

Tonneau covers are a worthwhile investment for nearly all pickup owners, especially those that don’t use their pickups for manual labor but regularly transport valuable cargo in their pickup’s bed; after all, nothing’s worse than getting home from a long trip only to find your valuables rain-soaked, or worse, missing altogether! From golf clubs to power tools, tonneau covers keep your cargo in the bed safe and sound. 

Soft tri-fold tonneau covers, like soft roll-up tonneau covers, offer several benefits over other styles, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, simple installation, and low overall weight, making them ideal for most drivers. And, while not as secure as similar hard tonneau covers, soft tri-fold tonneau covers offer exceptional theft deterrence.

Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Materials

Soft tri-fold tonneau covers are regularly constructed from heavy-duty marine grade vinyl, offering a sleek semi-gloss black finish and exceptional weather, UV, and tear resistance. Depending on the quality and price of the cover, the vinyl may be single or double-sided. 

Alternatively, some manufacturers opt for a heavy-duty canvas or twill outer shell featuring a sleek satin black finish that’s resistant to tears, punctures, and staining. 

In either example, the outer cover is stretched over a heavy-duty aluminum frame, providing the necessary rigidity. All soft tri-fold covers feature heavy-duty foam rubber or EPDM seals at all four corners, guarding against moisture intrusion during car washes or heavy rainfall.

Tonneau Cover Resources and Articles

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