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Best Steps for a Lifted Truck

There are many options for nerf bars and running Boards on a lifted truck. In this video Grace will show you the best options for trucks from stock to extremely lifted!

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2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 Nerf Bars & Running Boards

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Go Rhino Dominator D6 Running Boards
From:  $589.00
Go Rhino Dominator D1 Side Steps
From:  $589.00
Go Rhino 4000 Series Black Nerf Bars
From:  $209.99
Go Rhino Dominator DSS Sliders
From:  $589.00
Go Rhino 4" 1000 Series Black Nerf Bars
From:  $252.95
Go Rhino 4000 Series Polished Stainless Nerf Bars
From:  $262.49
Go Rhino 5" 1000 Series Black Nerf Bars
From:  $362.95
Go Rhino Dominator D2 Black Nerf Bars
From:  $493.95
Go Rhino 4000 Series Chrome Nerf Bars
From:  $236.23
Go Rhino 5" O.E. Xtreme Oval Black Side Bars
From:  $607.48
Go Rhino HD OE Xtreme Running Boards
From:  $405.35
Go Rhino 4" O.E. Xtreme Black Side Bars
From:  $314.11
Go Rhino 4" O.E. Xtreme Polished Side Bars
From:  $412.28
Go Rhino 5" O.E. Xtreme Oval Chrome Side Bars
From:  $689.48
Go Rhino 5" 1000 Series Polished Nerf Bars
From:  $467.45
Go Rhino 4" 1000 Series Polished Nerf Bars
From:  $351.95
Go Rhino 5" O.E. Xtreme Oval Low Profile Black Side Bars
From:  $501.22
Go Rhino 5" O.E. Xtreme Oval Low Profile Polished Stainless Side Bars
From:  $556.66
Go Rhino 6" O.E. Xtreme II Black Side Bars
From:  $595.93
Go Rhino 6" O.E. Xtreme II Polished Stainless Side Bars
From:  $675.62
Go Rhino 6" O.E. Xtreme Oval Polished Nerf Bars
From:  $675.62
Go Rhino 6" O.E. Xtreme Oval Black Nerf Bars
From:  $677.93

Save $100’s or More Over OEM Hundreds of Styles

Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Find the largest selection of truck & Jeep steps including running boards, nerf bars, and hoop steps for Ford F-150s, Chevy Silverados, RAM trucks, Tacomas, Jeep Wranglers, and more at Our boards and bars are available in in a wide array of finishes including chrome, polished steel, and black powder coat. Most truck running boards and nerf bars can be installed in your driveway or garage using basic hand tools with no drilling required.

Running boards for trucks are usually 4”-7” wide with a flat step that runs the length of the cab. Wheel to wheel running boards are also available for truck owners who need a step at the bed. Running boards are made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum, and composite.

If you’re looking for a narrower, rounder step, nerf bars are worth your attention. Usually made of steel, nerf bars are 3”-5” in diameter and are available in wheel to wheel and cab-length options. Some nerf bar designs incorporate a hoop step, which drops down from the main bar to provide a lower step than most boards and bars.

For the lowest step distance, automatic truck steps such as AMP running boards come down when you open your door and retract when the door is closed. This allows the steps to come down far lower than traditional boards since they’re effectively hidden and snug against the truck when not in use, giving you plenty of ground clearance.

If you have questions about running boards, nerf bars, or hoop steps, chat or call our product experts.