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Truck Steps

Featuring compact and unobtrusive designs, truck steps are the ideal choice for enthusiasts that don’t love the appearance of running boards or nerf bars, but could still use some help climbing in and out. 

RealTruck carries a wide assortment of truck steps, ranging from single hoops to rock sliders with built-in foot holds. If you’re unsure which style will best suit your needs, check out our buyer’s guide on RealSource

And for one-on-one assistance, contact a member of our expert sales staff. 

Why You Can Benefit from Truck Steps

We’ve all been there before; you install a fresh lift kit and oversized tires, only to realize your ride’s nearly impossible to climb into. Instead of leaping in and out of your truck, consider a set of truck steps from RealTruck. 

Truck steps provide you with a foothold positioned inches below the rocker panels, making it far easier to climb up without tripping, slipping, or pulling a muscle. 

Not only will you appreciate the added amenities, but so will your passengers! 

Styles of Truck Steps

Truck steps are offered in several styles, here’s a couple of our best sellers!


Cab length side steps run–you guessed it–the length of the cab. Similar in style to rock sliders, these low-profile, mono-tube steps feature integrated hoops to make climbing in and out of your pickup a breeze.  

Hoop Steps

Simple and timeless, hoop steps feature a single, sturdy alloy hoop that attaches to your pickup’s rockers. These steps feature low drops and wide footholds, providing a much-easier path into the cab of your pickup, without being unnecessarily flashy.