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Go Rhino is a popular name in the aftermarket accessory game, specializing in high-end, American-made body armor. Founded in 1975, the family-owned and operated company prides itself on its North American-designed and manufactured products demonstrating outstanding styling, build quality, and accessibility; Go Rhino’s premium running boards and nerf bars are no exception.  

Go Rhino running boards and nerf bars are engineered for the average DIY-er. All models feature an intuitive, no-drill installation (on most applications) that utilizes existing holes in the chassis for mounting. As a result, little to no cutting, drilling, or modification is required!  

With RealTruck’s recent acquisition of the Go Rhino brand, we’re proud to carry Go Rhino’s entire product lineup and, since Go Rhino is a RealTruck brand, ordering a set of high-end Go Rhino running boards on our site means you’re ordering directly from the manufacturer; no middle-man or unnecessary markups!

Go Rhino Step Styles, Materials, & Configurations

One of the keys to Go Rhino’s immense success is the company’s massive catalog, covering various styles, materials, and configurations.

Step Styles

Go Rhino steps come in several popular styles, ensuring a product that suits every build, whether a dedicated wheeler or street queen. Go Rhino’s most popular step styles include: 

  • Running Boards: A long, flat, and wide side step offering a stable step-up into your vehicle’s cab. Running boards are commonly installed as factory upgrades and come in several configurations, including fixed-position and power-retractable.  

  • Nerf Bars: A rugged, tubular step, typically featuring a rounded or oval main hoop affixed to your vehicle’s rocker panels with vehicle-specific bracketry. Most nerf bars also include molded ABS step pads at each door, preventing slipping and accidental injury. 

  • Hoop Steps: A rugged side step offering subtle styling. These steps feature simple hoops extending from the rocker panels beneath each door that may or may not be adjoined by a primary tube tucked tightly against the rocker panels. 

  • Rock Sliders: A durable, off-road inspired step offering exceptional rocker panel protection. Rock sliders, as the name suggests, allow your vehicle to slide across rocks and other sizable obstacles on the trail without incurring significant body damage. 

  • Electric Running Boards: A step style that’s gained popularity in recent years. Electric running boards feature integrated electric motors and hinged brackets that allow the step to deploy and retract when the driver or passenger door is opened. 

For additional information on side step styles, check out our comparison or Running Boards vs. Nerf Bars on RealSource!

Materials & Finishes

Go Rhino offers running boards and nerf bars in various material constructions, ranging from lightweight aluminum to robust carbon steel. These constructions typically include: 

  • Aluminum: A lightweight and corrosion-resistant alloy commonly found in running boards. This material offers outstanding corrosion resistance and weighs far less than carbon steel or stainless steel, making it ideal for electric running boards and steps used in extreme weather conditions. 

  • Carbon Steel: A rugged, dependable, cost-effective alloy typically found in nerf bars, hoop steps, and sliders. While incredibly strong, carbon steel is also heavy and prone to corrosion, requiring a quality coating to prevent rust and the associated structural damages. 

  • Stainless Steel: A blend of carbon steel and chromium offering exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, typically found in industrial applications. Stainless steel is often substituted in nerf bars and hoop steps; however, it’s heavy and typically pricier than aluminum or carbon steel. 

Aside from the base material, Go Rhino also offers its running boards with various finishes, including: 

  • Chrome-Plated: A lustrous, corrosion-resistant chromium coating electro-plated onto the base alloy; this finish is as durable as it is stylish! 

  • Powder-Coated: A highly durable polymer finish offering exceptional scratch, chip, chemical, oil, and UV resistance. This coating resembles auto-grade paint, with far superior durability! 

  • Painted: A durable paint finish; typically applied over carbon steel. 

  • Polished: Polished finishes are often mistaken for chrome; however, they couldn’t be more different! Polished finishes involve sanding and polishing the base metal (typically aluminum or stainless steel) to a mirror-like finish. Polished steps may or may not feature a translucent protective coating to guard against oxidation.


RealTruck offers Go Rhino running boards and nerf bars in various sizes, including length and step dimensions. Length-wise, Go Rhino offers cab-length steps, in which the step runs the length of the cab, and wheel-to-wheel, in which the step runs from the start of the cab to just before the rear tire. On wheel-to-wheel applications, Go Rhino often adds a step surface at the bedside, allowing easy access to your valuables and tools in your pickup’s bed! 

Regarding overall dimensions, Go Rhino offers variances like tubing diameter on nerf bars, such as the 3-inch O.D. 4000 Series Black Nerf Bars versus the 5-inch O.D. 1000 Series Black Nerf Bars, different width step pads, and more!

Power Options

Additionally, Go Rhino offers conventional fixed-position steps, as well as power-retractable offerings, like the E1 Electric Running Boards.