2003 Jeep Liberty Bull Bars & Push Bar Bumpers

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Black Horse Black Sport Bull Bar
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Black Horse License Plate Relocator
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Benefits of Bull Bars

When it comes to protecting your truck, Jeep, or SUV’s front end, it doesn’t get much better than a premium bull bar or push bar bumper. These burly, typically alloy hoops mount to your vehicle’s bumper or frame rails, providing a beefy steel or aluminum guard against minor front-end collisions and abrasions. Whether navigating a cramped, shopping-cart-filled parking lot or pushing through brush, a bull bar keeps damage to a minimum.

In some cases, bull bars even feature rugged alloy skid plates, offering undercarriage protection against rocks, hills, and stumps while traversing challenging terrain. And for even more protection, check out the rugged, wrap-around styling of a heavy-duty grille guard!

Bull Bar Materials

At RealTruck, we offer bull bars featuring various material constructions, offering different levels of protection. Check out the most common variations below!


While not as robust as similar steel or aluminum bull bars, composite/poly bars feature a rugged plastic construction that’s ideal for daily driving and low-speed impacts. These affordable and lightweight bull bars are excellent for mounting aftermarket lighting and fending off minor scratches and abrasions while navigating tight parking lots and brash-laden trails.


Most bull bars feature robust, tubular steel construction for durability and classic styling. These bars are ideal for off-roading and moderate impact protection, guarding your ride’s soft poly bumpers against impacts and abrasions. Most steel bull bars are finished in a lustrous chrome plating or corrosion-resistant powder coat, guarding against rust and providing a long-lasting finish!

While durable, it’s important to note that steel bull bars are far heavier than aluminum or plastic variants.


Aluminum bull bars are nearly as durable as steel, without the added weight or corrosion. The lightweight alloy resists rust and scaling for a long-lasting finish, even when left raw! While not quite as durable as comparable steel bull bars, aluminum bull bars can handle most minor impacts and abrasions. 

Most aluminum bull bars feature a sleek polished finish or stealthy black powder coat.

Types of Bull Bars

Aside from materials, we offer several styles of bull bars. These include: 

  • Single Tube: Rugged, single-hoop design for a classic, minimalist appearance. Typically constructed from heavy-duty steel or lightweight aluminum. 

  • Double Tube: Dual-tube designs offer enhanced protection and rigidity.

  • Triple Tube: Three-tube construction offers significant protection against impacts and abrasions; ideal for off-roading. 

  • Illuminated: While most bull bars offer integrated light tabs, illuminated bull bars feature integrated LED lights for superior visibility! Models such as the Lund Revolution perfectly pair body protection, style, and light output.

Bull Bars Vs. Push Bar Bumpers

What’s the difference? 

Bull bars are typically tubular in design, whether manufactured from round or square tubes. These front-end protectors tend to focus on aesthetics and functionality equally, often offered in lustrous chrome or polished finishes to compliment chrome bumpers, wheels, and trim. Regarding form factor, bull bars generally feature a smaller form factor, primarily protecting the bumper and rarely extending into the grille region. 

On the other hand, push bars offer more coverage but are less aesthetically pleasing. Where bull bars guard against mild impacts and abrasions, push bars are overbuilt to push other vehicles or heavy objects from one place to another. It’s for this reason that emergency response vehicles are outfitted with push bars, rather than bull bars. Push bars are generally only offered with steel constructions and black finishes. 

For additional information, check out our Bull Bar Vs. Push Bar comparison on RealSource!

Bull Bar FAQs

Are bull bars legal? 

While laws may vary from state to state, the consensus is: yes! Bull bars are legal as long as they don’t pose any unnecessary safety risks to other drivers or pedestrians. If legality is a concern, check with your local government and only order DOT-approved products. 

Should I upgrade my suspension after installing a bull bar? 

This one depends on a few factors, like how heavy your bull bar is and how heavy-duty the vehicle it’s installed upon is. Where most heavy-duty pickups won’t experience any significant changes, installing a burly steel bull bar on a light-duty vehicle may net a slight drop in ride height.