Truck Bull Bars vs Push Bars

Updated on Aug 21, 2023

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Push bars and bull bars for trucks are similar, but there are some key differences between the two accessories. Push bars extend over your truck's grille and are designed to provide an even surface for pushing vehicles or other obstacles from one place to another. Bull bars, on the other hand, usually extend no more than halfway up your truck's bumper. Most bull bars are made of 3 or 4-inch tubular steel and are intended to improve front end protection. To learn more about the differences between these two popular truck accessories, take a look at the comparison below.

Bull Bars

Push Bars


Usually made of tubular mild or stainless steel. Frequently includes a partial skid plate.


Steel bars arranged vertically with horizontal bars connecting both sides.

Use and Application

Protects your front end from low-speed impacts. Many models can be equipped with aftermarket lights.

Use and Application

Lets you push large objects at low speed while distributing force evenly across the bar and avoiding damage to your front end.


Multiple finishes available including chrome, black, and polished stainless steel.


Usually black powder coat due to the intended heavy-duty use of the bar.

Bull Bar or Push Bar: Which is Right for Your Truck?

For most trucks on the road, a bull bar will prove more useful than a push bar. Not only do they protect your front end from low-speed collisions such as runaway shopping carts, they’re often customizable with off-road lights and available in multiple finishes. Push bars are more common on purpose-built service vehicles such as ambulances and police cars that might be called upon to push other vehicles aside during an emergency situation.

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