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Custom Bug Deflectors and Shields

Are you tired of finding pesky bug splatter and maddening rock chips on the hood, windshield, and roofline of your otherwise flawless ride? Consider installing a premium bug deflector or shield from RealTruck to save your truck, Jeep, or SUV’s paint job!  

At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of bug deflectors and shields, ranging from conventional matte black or smoke (semi-transparent black) products to specialty finishes, like chrome and custom-painted! The latter ships paint-matched to your vehicle’s factory paint code, offering a sleek, stealthy appearance. 

Aside from stylish looks, bug deflectors offer significant protection against kicked-up debris, redirecting chip-inducing stones and pebbles over the cab and hood rather than directly into them! The same goes for insects, keeping your windshield free from sticky, smeary bug guts! 

Bug deflectors and shields offer simple installations that typically don't require any drilling or modifications. Instead, they utilize existing bolt holes and automotive-grade double-sided adhesive for a strong bond. 

Choose between sleek, classic-style deflectors and those with integrated LED clearance lights, like the AVS Aeroskin LightShield Color Match and Color Match Pro!

Shop Additional Truck Accessories

Bug guards and shields aren’t the only accessories ideal for guarding your pickup’s exterior. At RealTruck, we carry several exterior accessories offering outstanding paint protection, including: 

  • Bug Screens and Winter Fronts: Bug Screens cover your vehicle’s grille, keeping bugs and debris out of the radiator, AC condenser, and fluid cooler fins to ensure maximum efficiency. Winter Fronts look similar; however, they limit airflow through the grille and radiator, allowing the engine to reach operating temps quicker in cold weather.  

  • Wind Deflectors: These accessories are installed above your vehicle side windows, redirecting moisture, wind, and debris past the windows and away from the cab. 

  • Mud Flaps: These popular accessories prevent mud, road grime, stones, and debris from launching out of tire treads and into your vehicle’s rocker panels, bedsides, and other driver’s windshields! 

  • Car and Truck Bras: Protect your front paintwork against unsightly chips with an automotive bra! These accessories typically feature a soft vinyl construction that covers the front bumper, grille, and front of the hood. 

We also offer several other custom-painted accessories, including sleek, paint-matched tonneau covers for exceptional cargo protection and paint-matched fender flares!