How Your Truck Can Double as a Workspace and an Office

Updated on Feb 19, 2024

For many truck and business owners, their pickup serves as much more than a tool but a lifeline. The cab isn't just a cockpit to travel between job sites but also a home base, mobile office, and a vital component of their business! 

Mobile workspaces offer several benefits over physical locations, whether functioning as a primary workstation or a supplementary workspace. From saving money on rent to increasing efficiency by bringing your services directly to customers, retrofitting company vehicles into mobile workspaces is a popular and highly recommended move for several trades, including handyman work, carpentry, plumbing, mobile mechanics, and more! 

However, retrofitting a pickup cab to perform all the above duties isn’t a simple task. After all, how are you supposed to cram every business essential into a space that rarely tops 30-35 square feet? If you find yourself asking the same questions, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this guide, we’re covering the ins and outs of mobile workstations, including our expert’s recommended products and accessories, organizational tips and tricks, and more! Regardless of your work rig, whether a conventional Ford F-150 or a Jeep Wrangler, we have the products, tips, and tricks to transform it into a highly functional mobile workspace!

Protect the Bed and Interior

Most work rigs face abuse not commonly encountered by standard passenger vehicles and daily drivers and, as such, require extensive interior and exterior protection. After all, such an important tool needs to last! 

For this reason, the first step to retrofitting any work vehicle into a mobile workspace is protection, and we offer just the parts and accessories to get the job done! In this section, let’s cover our top-recommended protection products for work trucks, vans, or any other platform!

Regardless of your trade, the climate you operate in, or the types of job sites you frequent, your work rig’s interior is bound to get dirty. From tracking in sheetrock mud and dust from a day on the job site to snowy, wet boots after a Winter service call, your work truck’s factory flooring constantly faces abuse. If your work truck isn't equipped with heavy-duty vinyl flooring, you’ll need quality floor liners to guard the carpet against unsightly staining, matting, and damage. 

At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of floor mats and liners ideal for trade work. Products like Husky Liners Classic Style Floor Liners and Rugged Ridge Floor Mats offer unparalleled protection against wear and tear, featuring form-fit designs, durable constructions, and exceptional moisture resistance. After the week’s abuse, simply strip them from your vehicle, hose them off, and reinstall them once dry for the coming day's workload!

Just as your work truck’s flooring faces routine abuse, so does its upholstery. Most trade workers can’t wait to strip off the day’s dirt and grime after clocking out; unfortunately, the same dirt, sweat, and debris on your dirty clothes get absorbed directly into your truck’s seats on the drive home, leaving unsightly stains, bacteria, and–let’s face it–smells. 

Rather than subject your ride’s upholstery to constant contaminants, keep it clean with high-quality seat covers from RealTruck! We offer several durable, moisture-wicking options to protect your truck’s upholstery from spilled coffee, dirt, sweat, and even punctures from the pesky screwdriver you left in your pocket. 

Products like the Covercraft Carhartt Seat Covers and premium Covercraft Carhartt Super Dux PrecisionFit Seat Covers bring the quality and durability you’d expect from your Carhartt workwear to your work rig’s seats, keeping the underlying upholstery in like-new condition. These covers also make for easy cleaning; just strip them from your seats, toss them in the washing machine, and reinstall them once dry for a factory-fresh interior!

Next, let’s step out of the interior to cover arguably the most vital part of your work rig: the cargo area. Though most trade workers operate out of pickups, we can’t forget those who rely on the cargo areas of vans and SUVs. 

Bed and cargo liners protect the painted surfaces of van cargo areas and truck beds, guarding against rust-inducing scratches, chips, and unsightly dents. These liners also help prevent cargo shifting while driving, keeping your valuable tools and supplies free from damage between job sites.  

Products like the BedRug Impact Bed Liner, Rugged Ridge Cargo Liner, and VanTred Van Cargo Liner offer exceptional cargo area protection, bolstering impact and abrasion resistance. Most liners also include integrated padding, improving comfort when sitting, crawling, or navigating the cargo area while working.

Lastly, let’s cover truck bed accessories, easing entry into your pickup’s bed, improving organization, and resisting wear and tear for years of reliable service! Depending on your trade, you’ll likely prefer different truck bed accessories; fortunately, we offer a wide selection of products, including: 

And more! 

Optimize Efficiency: Wifi, Printer, and other Tech

With your work rig thoroughly protected, it’s time to cover efficiency and productivity modifications, specifically the tech necessary to conduct business out of your work rig!

Get a Mobile POS

One of, if not the most crucial pieces of tech for any mobile workspace, is a POS or 'Point-of-Sale' system. This system includes the hardware and software that allow you to accept and process customer payments on the go, rather than requiring physical checks or other dated payment methods. These systems also route funds directly to your business bank account after each sale, preventing missed payments or lost invoices.

Access Your Power Supply

Next, you’ll need a mobile power supply to operate your POS system and any onboard tools/machinery for your business. While some modern vehicles feature built-in power outlets and inverters capable of producing 120 volts, we’d recommend outfitting your work vehicle with one or more auxiliary batteries and an inverter, allowing for longer run times and more stable output without draining your vehicle’s primary starting and accessory batteries. 

We offer several deep-cycle batteries and battery accessories, including auxiliary battery mounts and relays. Additionally, check out our selection of power inverters to convert your work rig’s 12V DC output to 120V AC, which is used in most household electronics.

Set Up On-Board Wifi

Depending on your trade, you may benefit from onboard wifi, allowing you to connect to the internet on the go! While connecting to your work or personal smartphone via a wifi-hotspot-compatible cell plan may be sufficient, we’d recommend upgrading to satellite internet for increased bandwidth and heavy usage.

Install a Hard-Mounted GPS

Driving between job sites can be a hassle, especially if your service range stretches beyond a single town or county. If your trade requires frequent outings in unfamiliar areas, consider installing a hard-mounted GPS. There’s nothing more important than punctuality, and dedicated GPS systems allow you to comfortably navigate foreign areas, ensuring timely arrivals or allowing you to alert customers of any delays due to traffic.

Consider a Portable Printer

Lastly, we’d recommend a portable printer, if space permits, that provides physical invoices for your services from the comfort of your mobile workspace. Not everyone has joined the digital age, and even then, most customers appreciate the professionalism of a physical invoice.

Personalize Your Workstation

Next, let’s dig into personalization! Considering most trades workers spend hours a day in their work rigs, it’s vital to have systems that enhance efficiency and comfort, whether daily organizational practices or ergonomic improvements.

Consider Ergonomics

With hours spent in your work truck or service van, the last thing you’ll want is an uncomfortable driver’s seat or cramped, inefficient workspace. The less comfortable you are, the greater likelihood you'll experience fatigue and produce poor-quality work. 

Regarding ergonomics, consider factors such as the driver’s seat comfort. While a new truck or van’s seats may offer plenty of support, aging seats may suffer from foam degradation and damaged lumbar systems. In these cases, consider replacing foam cushions and repairing non-functional components, ensuring maximum comfort on long drives. 

We also recommend considering the ergonomics of your working position, if applicable. If you frequently work in your pickup or van, invest in the proper equipment for a comfortable seating or standing position, like a Kargo Master Workbench!

Develop and Organization System

With comfort covered, let’s tackle organization. Organization is one of the most vital yet frequently disregarded factors when setting up a mobile workspace. Even if you set out with good intentions, weeks of work can take a toll on your once-organized tools and supplies, reducing efficiency and potential income! 

Regardless of your trade, develop an effective organizational system. While we offer several effective storage systems, like tool boxes and van shelving, your particular system doesn’t need to be conventional or use off-the-shelf products so long as it’s functional for you and your everyday tasks! At a minimum, we recommend investing in a label maker and storage bins, keeping your tools and accessories organized and easy to locate. 

Additionally, it’s essential to set daily goals regarding organization. At the beginning of each shift, perform a quick once-over to confirm stock and ensure your tools and supplies are in their designated locations. After each work day, perform a similar inspection/cleanup, and don’t skip this step! You’ll thank yourself the following work day.

Maximize Your Space

Next, we recommend maximizing your workspace. Make use of every possible nook, cranny, and corner, whether this means packing light or building custom storage systems.

Secure Backup Supplies

With your workspace optimized and organized, it’s time to fill it with tools and supplies! Regardless of the job, whether big or small, we recommend stocking extra material supplies, duplicates of your most commonly used tools, and additional use items, like razor blades, saw blades, and more! 

At the end of each workday, catalog your supplies and ensure your stock is sufficient for the next day’s jobs.

Work Truck Resources

With the above-listed accessories on order and tips and tricks in practice, you’ll be well on your way to crafting an effective mobile workspace! As always, our team of experts is available to help seven days a week regarding product inquiries and order assistance. We also offer a wide selection of resources on RealSource. After all, we aren’t just a retailer but your go-to source for build advice, installation assistance, and more! 

Check out our work-truck-related articles for additional products, tips, and tricks. 

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