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Updated on Jul 28, 2023

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We've assembled the top five best-selling lift and leveling kits for pickup trucks and SUVs. Each of these kits are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. Remember: ask not what your truck can do for you, but what you can do for your truck. Take advantage of Affirm Financing to make serious truck upgrades with low monthly payments.


leveling kit is an inexpensive way to raise your vehicle's front-end, allowing you to equip larger tires, sometimes up to 33-inches in diameter. Between a leveling kit and a new set of tires, your truck will quickly take on a whole new look, separating it from similar stock models on the road.

Zone Offroad

The best-selling leveling kits on by a significant margin, Zone offers a variety of leveling kits in 1.5 to 2.5-inch increments for trucks both old and new. These kits vary from spacers and shackles to replacement control arms and even adjustable coilover shocks.


Readylift makes a great choice for customers who need their suspension upgrades to look great and perform well. They offer a variety of colored billet aluminum spacers in red, blue, and black. Other leveling methods include new upper control arms, torsion keys, and even taller coil springs.


A well-known name in suspension upgrades, Superlift leveling kits can include coil spacers, strut spacers, or torsion keys to accommodate several different suspension configurations.


MaxTrac kits lift your truck's front end via new coil springs, torsion bar keys, or coil spacers. They also offer shock extenders for lifted or leveled trucks, which are a great additional accessory that improves OE shock absorber performance on vehicles with aftermarket suspension upgrades.

Pro Comp

With steel, polyurethane, and aluminum spacers available, Pro Comp leveling kits can be found for almost any truck on the road today. Most kits can be installed in your driveway with just a few hours' work and some basic hand tools.

Lift Kits

Lift kits raise your entire truck's ride height, sometimes as much as 12 inches. A truck equipped with a lift kit will be noticeably taller than other trucks on the road and may be able to handle difficult off-road obstacles depending on your truck and the kit you choose. Lift kits allow you to equip the largest wheel and tire combos available.

Zone Offroad Lift Kits

Just as dominant in lift kits as they are in leveling kits, Zone offers lifts from 1.5 to 8 inches in height. Zone kits use a variety of parts including taller coil springs, billet spacers, additional leaf springs, relocation brackets, and a slew of other accessories to lift your truck sky-high. Many kits also include new shock absorbers and protective skid plates.

Maxtrac Lift Kits

2.5 to 7.5-inch high kits are available to let you fine-tune the amount of lift your truck receives. MaxTrac also includes new extended brake flex hoses in its lift kits to prevent the frustration of shopping for separate aftermarket hoses.

Superlift Lift Kits

Superlift offers kits as high as 12 inches for some vehicles, with 1.5 to 8 inch kits available for most trucks. Some kits will include new brake hoses to accommodate your truck's new lifted stance.

BDS Lift Kits

The huge selection of suspension lift kits from BDS covers everything from older models with front and rear leaf springs to new vehicles with independent suspension at all four corners.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Icon lift kits offer up to nine inches of lift with advanced components such as dual-reservoir shocks available for certain applications.

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