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Updated on Jun 10, 2024

While countless manufacturers operate in the automotive aftermarket, few possess the qualities to stand out from the pack. One name rings true in a market flooded with cheap manufacturing and poor-quality products—RealTruck’s own Go Rhino®

Go Rhino emphatically leads the automotive accessorizing industry, offering the highest-quality products for the widest range of applications—backed by unparalleled customer service. In an industry full of copycats and replicators, Go Rhino stands out as a beacon of innovation. 

Read on to learn more about what sets industry leader Go Rhino apart from other manufacturers.

Humble Beginnings—The Go Rhino® Story

Backed by nearly five decades of industry experience, Go Rhino® remains a leader in the automotive accessory industry. However, this reputation didn’t happen overnight. 

Established in 1975, Go Rhino aimed to capitalize on the growing consumer interest in off-road accessorizing. Driven by passionate enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles, CA, area, Go Rhino began churning out innovative designs and high-quality products, quickly developing a name for itself in the industry.

Go Rhino® and RealTruck®

In August 2023, RealTruck® struck a deal with Go Rhino’s parent company, IDDEA (Industria Diseñadora De Autopartes, S.A. De C.V.), acquiring everything it managed, including the Go Rhino® brand. 

IDDEA, which conducts most manufacturing and testing in Guadalajara and Mexico City, MX, is RealTruck’s first foray into manufacturing South of the border, expanding the company’s reach and manufacturing power. As stated by RealTruck CEO Carl-Martin Lindahl:

"We're pleased to welcome the Go Rhino team to our family of leading aftermarket automotive accessories brands. We look forward to joining forces to expand RealTruck's operations into Mexico with Go Rhino's impressive product design, development, and manufacturing teams. Go Rhino's product lineup enhances RealTruck's mission to inspire more people to accessorize their vehicles for their everyday needs, pursuit of the outdoors, and passion for personalization."

For additional information on the merger, check out the official press release.

What Sets Go Rhino® Apart?

It’s no secret that Go Rhino® is a cut above the competition, but how? In this section, we’ll review the qualities that position the brand as an industry leader.

Unmatched Quality

What do you get when you merge two companies—Go Rhino® and RealTruck®—with an unwavering dedication to quality? An industry-leading manufacturer offering quality you can trust. All Go Rhino parts are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted using top-quality materials, ensuring the best fit, finish, functionality, durability, and longevity. 

As a Tier One auto parts manufacturer, our products are rigorously tested at our California or Mexico-based R&D facility before releasing to the public. We evaluate every product for fit, construction, assembly, finish, and packaging, ensuring all kinks are ironed out before reaching consumers.

Unique and Vast Product Lines

Go Rhino® offers a massive inventory of products and accessories for countless makes and models, ensuring every platform receives the attention and support it deserves. From heavy-duty bumpers and side steps to premium lighting, light kits, and accessories, Go Rhino offers a diverse catalog to outfit your truck, Jeep®, or SUV. 

Not only are Go Rhino’s offerings diverse, but so are its product lines. Whereas most manufacturers offer products in a single configuration, Go Rhino believes in modularity, offering multiple variations of a single product line. Take Go Rhino’s RB series running boards, for example. 

Go Rhino’s RB series running board line consists of several uniquely spec’d running boards following central, Ford Raptor-inspired styling cues. The RB line consists of not one, not two, but three product models—RB10, RB20, and RB30—offering different styling. Within each product model, Go Rhino offers four variations. For example, under the RB10 umbrella, Go Rhino offers: 

Go Rhino follows the same format for its RB20 and RB30 running boards, altogether providing twelve configurations in a single product line.

Intelligent Engineering

As if industry-leading quality and modularity weren’t already enough, Go Rhino® also leads the competition in innovation. The company’s intelligent engineering is unmatched, incorporating innovative design elements and intuitive operation into every product. Take Go Rhino’s 4-Core crossbar system, for example. 

Found on Go Rhino’s racks—including the XRS Cross Bars, SRM 300, 400, 500, and 600 Roof Racks, and Ceros Low Profile Roof Rack—the company’s 4-Core crossbar system incorporates aluminum T-slot-compatible rails into each rack. This system allows for the quick, easy, and secure mounting of most T-slot accessories from Go Rhino®, Yakima®, Thule®, and Rhino Rack.

RealTruck’s Unbeatable Customer Service

As a RealTruck® brand, the purchase of a Go Rhino® product promises more than a top-quality, innovative accessory. All Go Rhino products come backed by a lifetime of industry-leading support. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available Monday–Saturday to assist with product inquiries, installations, and warranty returns. 

Contact our experts during business hours for unmatched support: 

  • Monday–Friday: 8 AM–9 PM

  • Saturday: 9 AM–8 PM

  • Sunday: Closed

Intuitive Product Lines

Navigating Go Rhino’s product lines is easy and intuitive, as most feature easily decodable codes, like the company’s RB (running board) series. 

Though Go Rhino® manufactures products for all makes and models, the company emphasizes off-road platforms, like the Jeep® Wrangler and Gladiator. While Go Rhino’s Jeep catalog is extensive, it’s efficiently navigable through Go Rhino’s native site. Shop by generation (JK, JL) and model (Wrangler, Gladiator) to find all applicable parts for your platform.

Go Rhino® FAQs

Q: When was Go Rhino® founded? 

A: Go Rhino began operation in 1975—that’s nearly five decades of experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. 

Q: What sets Go Rhino® apart from the competition? 

A: Go Rhino stands above the competition for numerous reasons, including the company’s unbeatable quality, unique and vast product lines, intelligent engineering, industry-leading customer service, and intuitive product lines. 

Q: Where’s the best place to order Go Rhino parts and accessories? 

A: RealTruck, of course! We carry Go Rhino’s entire parts catalog and offer free shipping to the lower 48 United States.

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