Best Truck Bed Accessories for 2024

Updated on Dec 15, 2023

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Your truck’s bed is what separates it from other, lesser forms of transportation. The ability to haul items that would never fit in your neighbor’s Hyundai gives you the freedom to carry a boat to the lake, all your gear to the campsite, and any materials you need at the worksite. To help you increase your truck’s already impressive utility, we’ve compiled the 10 best accessories you can add to your bed.

1. AMP Research Bed X-Tender

Just about every truck owner has experienced the frustration of needing just a little more room in the bed to haul that couch, fridge, or other large item. AMP Research Bed X-Tenders give you that extra room and more. With the X-Tender installed and folded out, you can add the length of your tailgate to your bed while hauling those oversize items. Close the gate, fold the X-Tender back, and easily contain small items like groceries so they don’t roll around while driving.

The X-Tender is made with strong, lightweight aluminum.

Multiple designs available including HD Max and HD Sport.

2. BedTred Ultra Truck Bed Liner

Keeping your bed free of dents and dings helps your truck look like it just rolled out of the showroom, preserving its value. The BedTred Ultra Truck Bed Liner gives your bed the flat-black look of a spray-in liner, but is much easier to install. The liner will not only prevent damage to your truck bed, but also keep your cargo from being damaged in turn. For a more plush surface, check out the BedRug Truck Bed Liner.

Installation is easy with no tools required.

Made of durable composite materials.

3. Bestop Trekstep Tailgate Step

Having a hard time reaching into your truck bed? The Bestop Trekstep Tailgate Step is here to help. It mounts under your bed and deploys when you step on it, providing a much-needed boost when you need to climb into your truck’s bed. It folds away when not in use, so it won’t impact the look of your truck. Whether your tailgate is open or closed, the Trekstep helps you get the most out of your truck bed.

There when you need it, gone when you don't.

Supports up to 300 pounds.

4. Bull Ring Retractable Tie Downs

It’s all fun and games until your cargo starts flying out of your bed and into the path of your fellow motorists. Attaching Bull Ring Retractable Tie Downs to your bed rails will give your truck a solid anchor point for tie-down straps, letting you breathe easy while hauling even the largest, most cumbersome items. Push them down when they’re not in use to preserve your truck’s stock profile.

Installs easily into your stake pocket holes.

Secure your gear quickly and easily.

5. DECKED Truck Bed Storage System

If your truck is tasked with hauling small items that need a high degree of organization and security, a bed storage system can make your life a lot easier. The DECKED Truck Bed Storage System transforms your truck bed into a vault with sliding drawers that make it easy to organize and access small items. The system can be accessorized with locks, dividers, and more to provide even greater utility.

Made of recycled materials.

Multiple accessories available.

6. Dee Zee Tailgate Assist

Dropping your tailgate too fast isn’t just jarring, it can also lead to premature wear of the tailgate cables. The Dee Zee Tailgate Assist gives you an inexpensive way to take control of your tailgate’s falling rate. It incorporates a hydraulic lift support into your tailgate’s opening mechanism, slowing and cushioning your tailgate as it opens.

Easy to install with basic hand tools.

Get maximum control of your tailgate.

7. Keeper Cargo Bar

Looking for an affordable way to separate the cargo in your bed? Have a look at the Keeper Cargo Bar. Available in both telescoping and ratcheting versions, the bar extends across the width of your bed, securing cargo and preventing it from shifting around excessively while you drive.

Prevent your cargo from shifting while driving.

Universal fitment for any truck on the road.

8. Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock

The Power Tailgate Lock from Pop & Lock wires into your truck’s door lock switch system, which allows you to use your key fob to lock and unlock your tailgate. For drivers who demand maximum convenience and utility from their trucks, this is an absolute must-have accessory. Installation is simple with the included harness and connectors.

Unlock your tailgate with your key fob.

Minor wiring required during installation.

9. TracRac TracONE Truck Racks

Some cargo, such as kayaks, lumber, and ladders can be far too long to fit safely in the bed of your truck. That’s where the TracRac TracONE Truck Rack comes in. It mounts to your bed and provides a platform for securely hauling extra-long items that would otherwise require a trailer. The rack can easily support up to 800 pounds and includes integrated mounting channels for a multitude of accessories.

Haul kayaks, bikes, ladders, and other awkward cargo.

Dozens of mounting accessories available.

10. Swing Case Truck Bed Tool Box

The space behind your truck’s wheel wells is some of the most underutilized real estate in the bed. UnderCover takes advantage of this space with its Swing Case Truck Bed Tool Box. Sold individually or in pairs, the UnderCover Swing Case mounts behind the wheel well and gives you a secure, weather-resistant toolbox that can be used to house any number of small items. Swing it out when you need to access your cargo and lock it back in place when not in use.

Each Swing Case comes with its own lock and key.

No drilling required on most applications.

If you have questions about these or any other truck bed accessories, chat or call our product experts.

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