Best-Selling Truck Tail Lights for 2024

Updated on Dec 20, 2023

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Truck tail lights are an essential part of any custom truck build. There are a lot of options out there, including LED truck tail lights, chrome, smoked lenses, and more. If you haven't decided which aftermarket truck tail lights to use on your RAM, Silverado, F-150, or any other truck, check out our list of RealTruck's top 10 truck tail lights.

All lights on the list are SAE and DOT approved with weather-sealed wiring, and most offer plug-n-play installation. And unlike smoked headlights, smoked tail lights are legal in most areas, but check your local ordinances to be on the safe side.

Spec-D Black LED Tail Lights

Featuring plug-and-play installation, SAE and DOT approval, and excellent weather resistance, these tail lights from Spec-D not only improve your truck's lighting performance, but also create a custom look that's sure to turn heads.

Winjet Smoked Black LED Tail Lights

These tail lights from Winjet combine a black housing with a smoked lens for added black-out style.

They're a direct-fit replacement, too, meaning you can just pop your old tail lights out and fit these in their place using basic hand tools.

Spec-D Red and Chrome Tail Lights

If black housings and smoked lenses aren't your style, check out these red and chrome tail lights from Spec-D.

You'll get the same plug-and-play installation as the black LED tail lights, but with the brilliant luster of chrome accents.

Spec-D Smoked Chrome Euro Tail Lights

Get the Euro look with these smoked lens/chrome housing tail lights from Spec-D Tuning.

Upgrade your lights with a true sport style, and stay on budget by re-using your existing halogen bulbs.

Winjet Black LED Tail Lights

For truck owners who like the look of a black tail light housing but prefer a clear lens, Winjet's black LED tail lights are a great alternative to smoked lenses.

The ABS material is resistant to scratches as well as moisture intrustion.

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