Best Bed Liner for the Chevy Silverado 1500

Updated on Feb 22, 2024

Interested in adding a bed liner to your new or used truck, but a little overwhelmed by all your choices? We’re glad you’re here, and we’ll do our best to make sense of your options below. If you’re looking for the best bed liner for Chevy Silverado 1500 pickups, you’re reading the right article. We’ll get to our own top picks, but read on, as we’ll cover plenty of considerations you’ll want to make before deciding on the right bed liner configuration for yourself and for your truck.

Why Go With a Bed Liner, and What Types are Available?

A good bed liner will protect the bed of your truck from dents, scrapes, scratches and other damage that would otherwise occur due to shifting or falling cargo. It keeps the paint in great condition and preserves this often-well-used portion of your truck so that resale value is retained. Made from rubber, polypropylene and/or TPO, bed liners are designed to fit your truck bed with little to no modification required. Suitable for camping, working, hunting, off-roading or simple supply hauling, the best bed liners for Chevy Silverado pickups are great for just about any use – if the goal is preserving your truck bed.

Our Top Silverado 1500 Bed Liner Picks

With top brands like Husky Liner, Dee Zee, BedRug, WeatherTech, Gator, Access, ProMaxx, Westin, Al’s, Boomerang and more, it can be tough to decide which liner is best for you. Most come with at least a three-year warranty, and some are designed for specific models. To help you narrow it down, we put together our top picks, with a little more detail for your consideration:

Protecting your bed without harming it, this extremely durable liner attaches with industrial-strength hook-and-loop fasteners, so it won’t rub against the paint. Made of extra-tough polypropylene, it won’t fade, rip or tear, and chemicals like bleach, motor oil or battery acid won’t even hurt it. The BedRug can take a beating, and it’s ready to be swept, vacuumed, shoveled and even power-washed clean with no damage and no problems. Its impact resistant, ¾” foam padding layer is impervious to water, matches the contours of your bed and offers a flat, stable, non-slip surface for improved cargo hauling. It’s also non-abrasive, so it’s much easier on your precious cargo, and your knees! Overall, the BedRug offers a clean, uniform, finished look that leaves room for all your bed’s interior features and is compatible with multi-pro tailgates.

The impact-enhanced version of the flagship liner from BedRug offers all the previous benefits, including advanced technology designed to protect your truck bed without damaging it along the way. The enhanced impact-resistant floor and tailgate sections are made from tough TPO for a sleek, spray-in liner look backed by a high-density polypropylene core, combined with plush, padded sides. Offering superior impact resistance, this liner combines the benefits of the Impact Bed Mat and BedRug Full Bed Liner, for all the advantages of both products. A tailgate gap guard keeps out dirt and debris, and the entire product is UV-, mold-, mildew- and chemical-resistant, with a lifetime warranty and made in the USA.

The TechLiner bed mat from WeatherTech combines features of liners and mats to focus on the main, flat section of the bed. Additional coverage for the tailgate is sold separately. With a super-easy install, this liner unrolls, drops in and attaches with provided fasteners in minutes. It’s also easily removed for cleaning, made of custom-blended elastomer to retain flexibility and is resistant to chemicals, UV rays, cracks, breaks or warps. It works well with other rigid bed liners for an extra layer on the main bed, and it includes a 3-year warranty. Made in the USA, this TechLiner is a great way to avoid damage to your paint from scrapes, scratches, dents, debris and other causes of abrasion.

Making Your Choice

With the exception of hardcore off-road rock crawling, running boards are a great choice for just about any truck-based lifestyle. Most people try to select a look they like that fits their budget. If your truck is lifted 6” or more, however, you might consider a running board that drops down lower, like an electric model. Either way, and whatever your preference, most running boards are going to offer an easy-to-use, wide, board-length stepping surface that’s heavily textured or rubberized for great all-season, all-weather traction you can rely on.

Add-Ons and Installation

Common add-ons people like to add to a bed liner purchase include tailgate mats, adhesion kits, bed rail caps and more. Installation is usually a breeze, particularly with rubber liners, which are heavy and don’t require adhesion kits, but some lighter liners will call for one. Depending on features in your bed such as cargo hooks or electric plugs, the liner may need to be notched, which is easy to do with a utility knife, working from the back of the liner material.

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