Trail Access Application

Submission Guidelines

Applying for a Trail Access grant is easy; however, our team of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts carefully consider and review all applications to ensure our hopes and dreams are aligned. 

With a lofty ambition to steward the great North American trail system into the future, we want to partner with energetic, like-minded, folks. So, if you and your organization can check one or more of these boxes, go ahead and submit the form below. 

  • Sharing a mission to protect, conserve and maintain unpaved, motorized/non-motorized trails for recreational use 

  • Pursuing land stewardship education on a regular basis 

  • Seeking to build trust with all types of trail users, motorized and human-powered 

  • Prioritizing safe and responsible practices in the backcountry 

  • Champion of environmental ethics and projects related to the preservation of natural habitats, nature preserves, greenways, and public parks 

Requirements & Eligibility

  • For grants exceeding $1,500, money needs to be spent or returned within one calendar year from the award date. A project report template will be supplied and verification of activities is confirmed with receipts. 

  • Grant funds must be used for one of the purposes listed above or as otherwise approved by RealTruck in making the grant. 

  • Standard tax reporting forms (W-9, W8 BEN) and a "New Vendor" form will be sent to awardees for completion prior to the release of grant funds. 

  • Only 1 grant will be awarded to any given organization per year. Please be aware that grant amounts will vary. The maximum grant amount per organization will be $5,000 USD, determined by the specific needs and size of the project. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Awards of $1500 or more will receive 50% up front and the remainder will be paid upon completion of the project. Post-project receipts documenting expenses will be required.  

  • RealTruck will not provide grants or reimbursement for the following items, which include but are not limited to: alcoholic beverages, travel expenses, labor costs, event insurance, or any other expenses considered beyond the scope of the grant.

  • We may condition grants to require that a RealTruck or Rugged Ridge banner or other similar materials be displayed during a project, if applicable.