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TruxSeal Tailgate Seal

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California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


The following instructions are valid for all makes and models of pickups, foreign and domestic. Due to the variety of designs, however, the Applications of TruxSeal™ to your vehicle may differ slightly. The best way to evaluate which method is best for your vehicle is to cut 1" piece of TruxSeal™ and attach the seal to ensure that the bulb compresses when the tailgate is closed. Experiment with the 1" piece until you find the best configuration for your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: TruxSeal™ will always apply bulb side up to the horizontal area of the bed.

1. Scissors or utility knife
2. Clean rags
3. Warm water and mild dishwashing soap solution

STEP 1: Clean area thoroughly with soap and water solution where TruxSeal™ is to be applied. Wipe the area until it is completely dry. Use alcohol pads included to further prepare the Applications area. Allow the area to dry for a couple of minutes.

STEP 2: Ensure that tailgate is down prior to Applications. Measure the length of the area from sidewall to sidewall along the bottom of the bed of your pick-up. Cut a piece of TruxSeal™ to the length that is necessary to cover the area. Peel back orange liner and apply TruxSeal™ in a straight line to the bottom edge of the bed first. Begin at one sidewall and continue to the opposing sidewall. The flat portion on the top of the bulb should be flush with the flat portion of the bed. Apply pressure to the seal by running your finger across the entire length. Close the tailgate to confirm that the bulb is compressing when closed.

STEP 3: Cut a small piece of TruxSeal™ (to be adhered to the side wall of the bed) to the length that will provide a seal up to the top of the tailgate. Begin at the bottom and continue as in Step 2. Apply TruxSeal™ to both sides in identical fashion. Be sure to close the tailgate to evaluate the compression of the seal. Small adjustments may need to be made to properly affix the seal.

STEP 4: Completely close the tailgate. If you see any daylight between the seal and the tailgate, you can make a small adjustment by slightly removing the seal and replacing it where it makes a better seal.