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  • Helps with your vehicles handling
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures, oils, water or coolant
  • Quiet, long lasting bushings
  • Engineering-grade polyurethane bushings
  • Lifetime warranty

Introducing SuperPro sway bar bushings the unsung heroes of your vehicle's suspension system. While often overlooked, these bushings play a critical role in maintaining stability and control on the road.

Forget about one-size-fits-all solutions and cheap, universal hardware. Each SuperPro bushing is engineered to complement the factory suspension design, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With their innovative grease retention technology, you can count on smooth and silent operation for the lifetime of your vehicle. And to back it all up, we offer a lifetime warranty on all SuperPro sway bar bushings.

Experience the difference that attention to detail and quality craftsmanship can make in your driving experience. Don't wait and order your set today!

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WarrantyLimited Lifetime
California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Install your SuperPro sway bar bushings with easy, at-home installation. Each anti-roll kit is designed to bolt directly to your vehicle using your factory mount locations. An installation manual is included with each kit. If you have any questions, or just want more information, please feel free to give us a call.


SuperPro’s Warranty is divided into two categories

Our Bushing Range – items with a part number beginning in ‘SPF’ and most items with a part number beginning in ‘KIT’.
These items carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
Our Roll Control Range – items with part numbers beginning in ‘ALOY’, ‘RC’, ‘TRC’ and ‘DURO’.
These items carry a 3 year warranty to the original purchaser
What we cover

SuperPro’s warranty covers any and all manufacturer’s defects.

SuperPro places no limitations on the scope of use. Products can be used on road or off, at the race track, and in competitive motorsport without compromising warranty eligibility.

What we do not cover

Installation damage or error – correct installation is essential to proper function, performance and service life. We make every effort to develop products that are installer-friendly but in many cases experience and correct tools are required.

Accident or impact damage – our products are built to perform better and last longer than the OEM components they replace across a broad spectrum of use but we draw a clear line between defect and damage. In many cases even a stronger product must yield to severe impact forces to protect surrounding components and assemblies.

Product finish and surface corrosion – Across our product range we have implemented a wide range of treatments and coatings to preserve appearance and function. However, as our product range lives under the vehicle fully exposed to the elements and road debris we do not cover degradation to appearance of surface finish of our products or corrosion as a result of prolonged exposure to elements, road salt or salt brine in winter states, or debris impacts beneath the vehicle.

Premature wear or damage resulting from failure to wheel align the car after installation where recommended.

Products sourced via SuperPro USA but sold into markets with their own authorized SuperPro importer/agent. SuperPro USA supplies and warranties SuperPro product within the US, Canada, Mexico and US Territories ONLY.

Unauthorized import goods sourced from beyond SuperPro USA and their authorized North American dealer network.


SuperPro covers replacement product only for approved warranty claims. SuperPro reserves the right to replace a product or component with a superseded version where applicable. We do not provide reimbursement or refund for warranty eligible product. We do not provide any refund or reimbursement of installation, alignment or related expenses. Shipping costs for any replacement items or components are not included in our warranty coverage and are the responsibility of the customer.

Opening a Warranty Claim

Your eligibility for a claim:

You must be the original purchaser (Proof of purchase is required in the form of a print or digital invoice from an authorized reseller showing the customer opening the claim as the purchaser)
The part must have been originally supplied for the specific application listed in the SuperPro Catalog.
The part must have been purchased through an authorized SuperPro dealer in the US, Canada, Mexico or US territories.
What we require:

Proof of purchase – a copy of your original invoice
Evidence of the manufacturer’s defect or failure. Where possible we wish to make any claim experience as convenient as possible. If we can confirm warranty eligibility from photos or video of the product we are happy to do so. In some rare cases a warranty claim may require items to be returned for inspection
Your preferred shipping address. If we are able to approve a claim we want to provide any required items as quickly as possible, if your address differs from that on the proof of purchase please provide it with the claim so we can expedite shipment of the replacement and invoicing of the shipping cost by your preferred shipping service.

Where to send it:

Please submit warranty claims to US-Support@zedercorp.com. This inbox is monitored by several staff members who will work to initiate and process your claim quickly.
Technical support or questions about a potential warranty issue?

If you have an issue with a SuperPro Suspension Part, please contact SuperPro USA directly.

Call: (+1) 650-362-8016

Email: US-Support@zedercorp.com

All SuperPro products are the result of nearly five decades of experience and evolution, however it is always important to be certain all surrounding and related components are in good condition and proper working order.

In the case of leaf spring bushes, check shackle pins, fixed pins and spring eyes for corrosion and pitting.
Inspect other OEM suspension bushes for excessive movement, cracking and wear.
Make sure Shocks Absorbers & Struts are in serviceable condition.
All of the above can prematurely wear a SuperPro Suspension Component and cause other issues. None of these conditions will void your warranty; correcting them will just ensure you get the best out of your SuperPro Product and let you enjoy that “New Car Feel”!