Napier Sportz Truck Tents

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California Residents: Prop 65 Warning




How easy is it to set up a Sportz tent?
Sportz tents are as easy to set up as a normal camping tent. They come complete with assembly instructions and color coded poles for easy assembly. The first set up will take you 15 to 20 minutes (25 for the guys who don’t read instructions), after that it should take 10 minutes.

Can one person set up a Sportz tent?
One person is able to set up a Sportz tent; however we do recommend you set it up with a buddy the first set up.

How can I make sure that my tent is the most water resistant it can be?
Sportz tents do have a water resistant coating on them. The coating may wear down over time therefore you may want to spray a water repellent coating on to the tent and rain fly after a few years of use. We recommend using McNett Thunder Shield silicon water repellent. You can use a footprint to help protect the tent’s floor. The footprint should be a few inches smaller than your tent’s floor so it does trap water between the footprint and the floor. For extra water protection, full-length rain flies are available as an accessory for Sportz SUV Tents.

Do I need to use a seam sealer on my Sportz tent?
Yes, while the Sportz tents’ rain flies are seam sealed, the tents seams themselves are not seam sealed. We highly recommend you seam seal the seams before using the tent as water may penetrate the needle holes in the fabric. Water coming through the needle holes along the seams is common with tents and is not a manufacturer’s defect.

Is there a warranty? What is your return policy?
There is a one-year manufacturer defect warranty.


How do I know what model of tent to order for my truck?
Measure your truck bed from the back of the truck cab to where the tailgate begins. DO NOT INCLUDE THE TAILGATE IN THE MEASUREMENTS. Cross reference with the sizing chart available in the product menu.

Do the Sportz Truck Tents fit a Honda Ridgeline or the Ford Flare side?
Unfortunately the Sportz Truck Tents do not currently fit a Ridgeline or Ford Flare side trucks.

Can I drive with the tent set up in the truck?
NO, it may cause personal injury or damage to yourself and your truck.

Will the tent fit with a hinged slant-slide tonneau cover?
No, the tent does not work with a hinged slant-slide cover; the tonneau cover will have to be removed before the tent can be used.

Will the tent fit with a bed liner?
Yes, the tent will fit with a sprayed or prefabricated liner.

Will the tent fit with roll bars?
No, roll bars must be removed in order for the tent to fit snuggly on the truck bed.

Can you fit a tent over a bed toolbox?
Yes, we recommend placing the tent over the whole toolbox to minimize the amount of rain that can enter between the toolbox and the tent. If you have a metal toolbox make sure the corners are not sharp as it may rip the tent fabric.

Can you fit the tent over bedside rails?
Yes, if the railings are less than 3” tall. Any other railings would have to be removed or the tent will not fit properly.

Can I reach into my tent from the slider window in my truck?
This is not possible, but the Sportz Truck Tent III does have a sleeve for cords to go from inside the tent to inside the cab of the truck.



All Sportz Tents have a one year warranty period from the time of purchase. In order for your warranty to be valid, you must (1) mail or email your Warranty Card to Napier Enterprises within thirty (30) days from the date of original purchase; (2) have your proof of purchase (receipt from the place of purchase) to prove the date of purchase.


Sportz truck tents are quick and easy to install. Color coded pole and sleeve systems makes installation a snap. Each order includes everything you'll need to setup the tent along with instructions. If you have any questions, give RealTruck a call at 877-216-5446.

Napier Sportz 57 Series Truck Tent Set up Video
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