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  • Includes quick release legs
  • Fixed mount & track styles are available
  • Mounts on pickup toppers and van roofs
  • Comes in either black or silver
  • Constructed of super-durable aluminum
  • Bars are available for Thule and Yakima tracks

To carry items that don’t fit in your truck bed or van, the Rhino Rack HD topper can be the solution. The Rhino Rack HD topper racks are designed to offer optimal carrying capacity. Rhino Rack HD topper racks are available in 3 different styles including the track mount topper rack, the no track mount topper rack and the pad mount topper rack. You also get to choose a color of black or silver. The Rhino Rack track mount topper rack is a permanent fix to either a hard-top tonneau or a truck topper. This system uses a heavy-duty bar with tracks. This track rack is great because it allows for crossbar movement to fit your load. It offers a 63" track as well as 54", 59", or 65" length bars. The Rhino Rack no track mount topper rack is designed to fit onto already placed Thule and Yakima tracks. This is a great option to have for those of you who already have a track mounted. The Rhino Rack pad mounted topper rack is offering a unique design. They bolt down to the top of toppers and offer an ingenious internal backing plate, which hides the hardware underneath. These Rhino Rack topper racks are designed to allow optimal load capacity, which maximizes the potential of your ride. Made by Rhino Rack, you can rest assured that these guys are built to stand the test of time.

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The Rhino Rack HD topper racks offer an easy installation with minimal drilling required. For please call us.

The Rhino Rack track mount topper racks simply bolt down to the top of a hard top tonneau cover or a hard resin top roof, then simply slide the crossbars into place.

The Rhino Rack pad mount topper rack is going to bolt down to the top of your topper. Simply place pad under rack mount and put bolts through applicable area. Slip the interbnal backing plates over the underside and bolt down.

The Rhino Rack no track topper racks offers a no drill install. Just place the cross mount legs and crossbar in the track and place where needed.


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    By purchasing your Rhino-Rack product you have agreed to be bound by the following

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