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Flowmaster Super 10 Series Delta Flow Mufflers

Product Information

List Price:$90.61 - $128.95
Our Price:$81.55 - $115.95


California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Lifetime Limited Warranty applies to Flowmaster stainless steel mufflers (excluding FlowFX series), all stainless steel exhaust systems
(including FlowFX series), stainless steel pipes, air intake kits and oiled type filters (except cleaning kits), and other stainless steel exhaust
accessories (except exhaust tips and racing products).

Flowmaster warrants the products mentioned above against defects in materials and workmanship for the period set forth below, when they are
owned by the original purchaser and remain installed on the vehicle on which they were originally installed. This warranty is void if the product
was not installed properly on the vehicle, was installed on a vehicle for which it was not designed, or was removed from the vehicle on which it
was originally installed and reinstalled on another vehicle. This warranty shall not apply to normal wear, including interior/exterior sound levels,
cosmetic issues such as coatings and material discoloration, any product that was installed on a racing vehicle, installed improperly or contrary to
Flowmaster instructions, altered, misused, repaired, damaged from an accident, collision, undercarriage road impact or debris, or willful or
negligent act. Note that all “straight-through” mufflers which use sound absorbing material inside the muffler to cancel sound…will degrade over
time. This degradation of sound absorbing materials is considered “normal wear”…not a material defect.


Flowmaster mufflers requires permanent modification if installing onto a factory exhaust system. Cutting and welding is required. Professional installation is recommended.