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CIPA EVO Formance Alfas Replacement Headlight Bulbs

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  • Single filament bulbs are rated at 85 Watts
  • Dual filament bulbs are rated at 75/85 Watts
  • Alfas Halogen lights are rated at 5500K color temp & 2300 lumens of light power
  • Plug-n-play headlight upgrade and replacement
  • Quartz construction for brighter, more reliable operation
  • Designed to work with your existing headlights
  • Operates at lower temperatures than other performance bulbs to prevent electrical or headlight damage
  • Up to 50% brighter lights at a fraction of the cost of costly HID systems

CIPA EVO Formance Alfas maximum intensity replacement bulbs are outstanding lighting upgrades simulating Xenon light systems at a fraction of the cost. These bulbs can be installed on any vehicle without modifications, or complications. Made in Finland with the highest quality materials, these bulbs are composed of a unique combination of gases and special tungsten filaments provide an extremely bright and powerful beam of light.

The bulbs are constructed using quartz because it is more transparent than normal glass. This results in bulbs that can more effectively produce light and withstand higher temperatures without shattering. Alfas run at 85 Watts of power on standard 12V systems using 14 gauge wiring between the connector and the bulbs. This design reduces resistance between the existing socket and the quartz bulb. Alfas also use a unique ceramic socket to isolate heat to reduce damage to the vehicles existing electrical system.

With thousands of industry applications, Alfas can be used on thousands of cars and trucks using universal headlight socket patterns. Simply remove your existing bulb and install the Alfas bulb to upgrade to a system with up to 50% more lighting power. Light bulbs are all sold in twin packs of two super white light bulbs. Find H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007 and 889 light bulbs

Evolve…to a higher powered light system without the expense or hassles of installing HID systems with this plug and play headlight upgrade solution.

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Simply remove your old headlight bulb and install the matching bulb size to upgrade your headlights.


CIPA EVO Formance lighting products are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship for 30 days.