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American Force Polished Power Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Chopper Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Flex Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Trax Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Rook Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Redd Wheels
American Force Polished Redd Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Legend Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Atom Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Flux Wheels
From:  $718.00
American Force Polished Range Wheels
From:  $718.00


You’re looking for the best wheels & rims for your truck or SUV, right? RealTruck carries an ever-expanding selection of custom wheels and rims. We have wheels available from Fuel, XD, KMC, Moto Metal, Pro Comp, LRG, SOTA (formally known as BMF Wheels), RBP, and more. With this many options available for wheels, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

If you’ve leveled or lifted your truck, added some big fender flares, or just want to ditch your tired factory wheels, the selection of wheels and rims at RealTruck will surely offer exactly what you’re looking for to take your truck to the next level. Chat or call our product experts if you have any questions. We have professional sales staff available seven days a week who are always happy to answer your questions.

Wheels & Rims
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Ford F-150 Moto Metal Wheels

Truck Wheel Finishes

Truck wheels on RealTruck.com are available in a variety of finishes, or colors, to set off the look of your truck. From matte and machined black to gray, bronze, two-tone, and outrageous custom color, check out these 10 wheel finish types so you can be confident that what you order is what’s in the box.

Matte Black

One of the most popular finishes on the market today, matte black wheels match OE trim and aftermarket accessories. You’ll find no gloss here, just a muted black finish in all its glory achieved by powder-coated paint that resists scratches, rust, and heat. Pictured: Fuel Vapor wheels.

Machine Black

A machined finish is achieved by placing an aluminum wheel on a lathe, and cutting the surface finely until raised ridges are etched onto the wheel’s surface. The result is a subtle shine with a textured appearance. Pictured: Moto Metal MO970 wheels.

Tinted Black

This wheel finish starts with the alloy and clear coats of tinted black paint are applied. The more coats applied, the darker the tint on the silver-colored alloy. A clear coat is usually applied last to protect the look. Pictured: XD Series XD825 wheels.


Black wheels span from satin to a high gloss shine, whether it’s the whole wheel or just parts of the wheel face. Satin finishes are achieved with buffing, while higher gloss black paints are often finished with a clear sealant coat to protect the finish. Pictured: Moto Metal MO962 wheels.


Chrome wheels have an unparalleled level of shine and luster. This finish is achieved by coating the wheel with chromium plating, either through a dipping process or via a powder-coating process called PVD (positive vapor deposition). Chrome is ideal if you’re looking for a flashy, eye-catching look. Pictured: RBP 94R wheels.


Sometimes referred to as gunmetal or anthracite, gray wheels have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. If you want a subtle appearance distinct from silver or black wheels, gray wheels are worth your consideration. Pictured: Fuel Trophy wheels.

Wheel Offset

Wheel offset and width go together in that the wider the wheel, the deeper the wheel face is toward the inside of the wheel. Some wheels sizes on RealTruck.com are only available in one offset, but others give you a choice.

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Review Wheel Offset
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Review Wheel Backspacing
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