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1987 Dodge D/W Series Pickup Towing Suspension: Spring Helpers & Airbags

Towing Suspension Upgrades

If you’re setting up your pickup to tow heavy, you’ll need the proper accessories to ensure a stable, sag-free experience. While most pickups leave the factory with sizable towing capacities, this isn’t to suggest that heavy loads can’t cause drivability issues! There’s always room for improvement, like RealTruck's wide inventory of towing suspension upgrades! 

These components are specifically engineered to bolster your pickup’s towing performance, eliminating rear-end sag, reducing sway, and minimizing suspension bounce. We offer everything from airbag systems to helper springs to improve your confidence behind the wheel with a trailer on the hitch! 

Towing Suspension Kits and Accessories

We offer several towing-centric suspension upgrades, including: 

  • Helper Springs: While most pickups feature heavy-duty rear leaf or coil springs to withstand significant loads, you still may notice excessive spring sag after hooking up a trailer. Helper springs help to counteract this issue, leveling your pickup and load to prevent the suspension from bottoming out and keep your trailer balanced and predictable. 

  • Airbag Kits: Airbag systems utilize pneumatic bladders retrofitted between your vehicle’s axle and frame. When inflated, these systems can provide multiple thousands of pounds of load-leveling assistance, raising the rear of your vehicle and preventing it from bottoming out over bumps. Several airbags also feature side-to-side adjustment, allowing you to level your load left-to-right and front-to-back! For additional information on airbag kits, check out our related article on RealSource

  • Suspension Enhancement Systems: These systems utilize synthetic rubber bumpers to increase dampening and reduce spring sag, effectively acting as an upgraded bump stop. While not as effective as airbags, they’re far more cost-effective and don’t require any complex bracketry, wiring, or air line routing!