What Is Air Bag Suspension?

A truck's stock suspension is designed to provide a compromise of ride comfort and the ability to safely haul or tow a payload. If your truck does a lot of towing or hauling, you may find that the rear suspension can sag, which is detrimental to your truck's handling. A similar problem can occur on the front of trucks that are used to plow snow. The best way to overcome this issue and improve your truck's ability to handle extra weight is by installing a set of air springs, the key component of air bag suspension.


Air springs install either between your truck's leaf springs and frame or inside its coil springs. Working in conjunction with an air compressor, they provide additional support at the front or rear of your vehicle, allowing you to maintain a level ride height when hauling a heavy payload. These air springs are adjustable, giving you the ability to inflate and deflate the bags manually or via remote control. You can even adjust the bags individually, which improves handling when you're carrying a heavy, uneven load. This degree of control allows you to create the perfect balance of load support and ride comfort with no compromises.

Leaf Spring Air Suspension

Most trucks on the road today use leaf springs, a set of curved metal bars stacked together, as the basis of the rear suspension system. When a very heavy load is being towed or carried in the bed, the distance between the frame and leaf springs begins to close, which can lead to bottoming out if the truck hits any bumps or potholes. An air spring bridges this gap and helps shore up the suspension, greatly reducing the chance of bottoming out and vastly improving your truck's handling and braking when under a load.

Coil Spring Air Suspension

Coil springs, often found on the front of modern trucks and SUVs, can begin to sag if the vehicle is overloaded with equipment such as a heavy snow plow. Coil spring air bags help prevent this issue by installing within the spring itself. Once the bag is installed, it can be inflated to maintain a level ride and improve your vehicle's handling and safety.


1. Firestone Ride-Rite All-In-One Air Bag Suspension Kit

Firestone takes the guesswork out of air bag suspension with this truly comprehensive kit that includes everything you need including air bags, compressor, controller, and all the necessary valves, tubing, and hardware. Each pair is rated for up to 5,000 pounds of support.

2. Air Lift Loadlifter Air Bag Kits

Capable of leveling out an overworked suspension with up to 7,500 pounds of force, Air Lift Loadlifters are an excellent choice for trucks that serve as dedicated haulers of heavy payloads or trailers.

3. Air Lift 1000 Air Bag Kits

These air bags insert into your truck or SUV's coil springs to provide up to 1,000 pounds of leveling capacity. These are the perfect addition to a truck used for plowing snow.

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