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2000 Dodge Ram 1500
Lift Kits

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Supreme Suspensions 3" Lift Kits
Supreme Suspensions 3" Lift Kits
From:  $154.95
Performance Accessories 3 Inch Body Lift Kits
Performance Accessories 3" Body Lift Kits
From:  $299.99
Skyjacker 5" Lift Kits
Skyjacker 5" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $1,610.68
Skyjacker 3" Lift Kits
Skyjacker 3" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $782.01
Skyjacker 2" Lift Kits
Skyjacker 2" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $491.56
Zone 2.5 Inch Lift Kits
Zone 2.5" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $179.95
Zone 5 Inch Lift Kits
Zone 5" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $867.23
BDS 5" Lift Kit
BDS 5" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $1,437.42
Fabtech 5.5" Basic Lift Kits
Fabtech 5.5" Basic Lift Kits
From:  $1,873.42
Skyjacker 7" Long Arm Lift Kit
Skyjacker 7" Long Arm Lift Kit
From:  $2,944.38


Suspension lift kits create additional space in your wheel well for oversize tires and give your truck the clearance it needs to overcome any off-road obstacles. Whether it's a body lift kit or a full suspension lift kit, has the options you want. Choose from moderate 3-inch lift kits to 10 inches and more. Each of our lift kits comes with everything you need to complete the job, often including shock absorbers or struts.