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Winter Accessories

This Winter, don’t subject your ride to harsh weather conditions and road grime without appropriate protection! Give your truck, Jeep, or SUV a fighting chance against snow and salt with our wide selection of products curated for Winter! 

We offer numerous products to prepare your ride for the challenges of Winter, especially for those living in Northern parts of the country that regularly experience heavy snowfall and sub-freezing temperatures. From rust-inducing road salt exposure to slick roads, other unprepared drivers, and low light conditions, driving in Winter can cause a significant amount of stress and wear and tear to your vehicle, most of which is avoidable with the proper accessories!

Interior Protection

While you may presume that your ride’s exterior is most susceptible to Winter wear and tear, you can’t forget about the interior! Factory carpeting and upholstery are highly prone to staining and wear and tear from muddy boots and excessive moisture; luckily, RealTruck carries a wide selection of products to keep your interior protected, including: 

  • Running Boards: While you may think of running boards as merely a sturdy step into the cab, they also offer the benefit of keeping your dirty boots and snowy feet off door sills and jambs. 

  • Floor Mats & Liners: Guard your vehicle’s factory carpeting against stains and wear with our selection of all-weather floor mats and liners! 

  • Seat Covers: Keep your ride’s upholstery looking like new with a set of premium, moisture-resistant seat covers. Whether you’re caught in a snowstorm or drop a cup of coffee out of your icy hands, a quality set of seat covers will protect your interior!

Exterior Protection

It’s no secret that Winter does a number on your vehicle’s exterior. Road grime, moisture, and salt are the perfect recipe for rust holes through the frame and body, leading to unsightly aesthetics and structural damage. Check out some of our leading products to fend off exterior wear this Winter! 

  • Wheel Well Liners: Rust loves to form in the nooks and crevices of your vehicle that rarely see a hose or soapy sponge, like the undercarriage and behind body panels. Wheel well liners guard these sensitive areas of the body against rock chips, salt, and excess moisture, preventing rust from eating away at your ride! 

  • Mud Flaps: Rust forms on bare metal; luckily, your vehicle is entirely coated from the factory, right? While this is true when new, years of driving leads to rock chips and scratches, especially on your vehicle’s rocker panels, inviting rust. Keep rock chips to a minimum with a set of mud flaps, blocking kicked-up road debris. 

  • Tonneau Covers: While tonneau covers won't protect your ride against rust, they’ll protect your cargo in the bed! These convenient accessories allow you to retain the use of your pickup’s bed in the Winter, keeping your valuables dry and protected.

Improved Traction & Performance

With the interior and exterior protected, it’s time to turn our attention to performance. Snowy, icy roads are less than ideal driving conditions, often leaving drivers stuck or causing vehicles to slide off the road. However, with these products, you’ll be prepared! 

  • Snow Plows: Clear your driveway or parking lot with a quality snow plow from RealTruck! We offer manual and electric models in various shapes, sizes, and configurations.  

  • Lighting: With Winter months comes a significant decrease in light throughout the day, leading to hazardous driving conditions. Boost your vehicle’s light output with our selection of aftermarket lighting! 

  • Traction Products: Especially in pickup trucks with poor weight distribution and, thus, poor traction, check out our selection of traction products to keep the rear end planted. 

  • Winches: If you find yourself or another driver stuck on the side of the road, a winch can help pull you to safety. Check out our wide selection of winches from the top brands!