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2005 Ford F150 Exhausts & Mufflers



Your vehicle's exhaust system carries the gases created by the engine out and away from the vehicle. The design of this system has a large impact on your vehicle's performance, and upgrading to aftermarket components can increase horsepower, torque, and more.

Performance mufflers reduce exhaust back pressure and improve the sound of your truck's engine. Restore your truck's horsepower, reduce its emissions, and pass smog inspections with a new catalytic converter. Long and short-tube exhaust headers improve your engine's power and performance. Customize the most visible part of your truck's exhaust with polished, chrome, or black exhaust tip. Improve the throttle response from your turbocharged engine with a new turbo downpipe. Performance Y-Pipes and Mid-Pipes offer improved power and exhaust tone for both on and off-road trucks.