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Are you looking to boost your truck’s performance and exhaust note? Then consider a performance muffler from RealTruck! We offer an extensive inventory of mufflers, including numerous styles, materials, and installation methods. 

Unsure which muffler is right for your truck? Reach out to the experts! Our informative sales staff is available 7 days a week to assist with orders and handle all product-related inquiries.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Truck’s Muffler

In recent years, factory exhaust systems have transitioned from raucous displays of power to mild, quiet tones oriented for comfort. While some drivers prefer noise reduction, most die-hard enthusiasts want their trucks to be seen as well as heard! Installing a performance muffler is one of the most effective means of improving your truck’s presence on the road.

Performance mufflers feature high-flow designs that increase decibel levels and performance! With minimal restriction, especially compared to oversized and over-baffled factory units, performance mufflers allow your pickup’s exhaust to exit the cylinder heads more efficiently, thus improving performance and sound quality! 

Types of Truck Mufflers

Realtruck carries several styles of mufflers, each with its unique qualities and benefits. 

Chambered Mufflers

Chambered mufflers are typically the quietest of all performance mufflers. Chambered mufflers feature a series of strategically-placed walls and baffles that direct exhaust flow and dampen noise; however, decibel levels depend entirely on the size of the chamber, the number of baffles, and the type of sound deadening/packing used. 

In most cases, chambered mufflers result in improved performance and an exhaust tone that’s only mildly louder than factory.  

Flow-Through Mufflers

Flow-through mufflers provide extreme performance benefits while still muffling your ride’s exhaust note. These mufflers utilize a straight-through perforated tube surrounded by a large, baffled, or sound-deadening-packed canister to absorb noise. The result is a high-flow muffler that produces a mild exhaust note at idle/cruising speeds but roars to life when you get on the throttle! 

Glasspack Mufflers

Glasspack mufflers are the loudest and best performing of the lot, featuring a straight-through perforated core surrounded by a narrow, fiberglass-packed chamber (hence the name). 

These mufflers offer exceptional performance and a deep, throaty exhaust note. They’re also significantly smaller, lighter, and more affordable than other offerings on the list. 

What to Consider when Muffler Shopping

Before clicking that purchase button, it pays to know some basic considerations. 

Muffler Material

What’s your desired muffler constructed out of? What type of climate do you live in? Certain materials, such as stainless steel, are highly resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel mufflers can withstand even the harshest Winters, making them ideal for areas that experience regular snowfall and road salt. 

Other materials–like aluminized and coated steel–carry mile corrosion resistance; however, harsh Winters can quickly eat through the protective coating and into the underlying steel, significantly reducing the muffler’s service life. 

Muffler Bends

Some mufflers feature strategically-placed bends to position the tailpipe in the correct location, but what style of bends does the manufacturer use? There are two key bend types: mandrel and crushed. Mandrel bends are smooth, swooping bends that maintain the pipe’s diameter, while crushed bends “crush” and crimp the exhaust pipe through the bend, thus reducing its diameter.

It’s always best to opt for mandrel bends on high-performance applications, ensuring maximum exhaust flow and minimal restrictions. 

Muffler Sound

How loud is too loud? Before ordering, it’s vital to understand your desired sound level, ensuring an exhaust system that isn’t too noisy or quiet. While sound level may vary, a general rule of thumb is that glasspack mufflers are the loudest, chambered mufflers are the quietest, and straight-through mufflers fall somewhere in the middle. 

It’s also wise to check your local laws and regulations regarding exhaust noise, as some areas may enforce tighter decibel limits than others. 

Overall Aesthetics 

What’s your desired appearance? Are you going for a polished look? Is surface rust a deal breaker? Dual-tip or single-tip? All of these questions are important to ask yourself before making a purchase, ensuring your new muffler’s aesthetics meet your expectations. 

Other factors to consider include the brand’s reputation, the shape of the muffler, and the design of the exhaust tips.