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Why Should You Upgrade Your Brakes? 

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of the vital systems on the chassis, save maybe the powertrain or drivetrain! While not every individual needs to upgrade their vehicle’s brakes, every vehicle can benefit from decreased braking distance, enhanced stopping power, and improved safety!

On hard-working pickups or heavily-modified applications, beefed-up brakes aren’t just a matter of performance but safety! When you install oversized tires on your pickup or performance components, it’s essential to install brakes that counteract the added rotational mass and inertia, ensuring you have enough stopping power to avoid collisions. 

Brake Components

Your vehicle’s brake system is just that, a system! Meaning they're made of several components that all work together, including: 

Brake Calipers

Brake calipers are the driving force that pushes the pads into the rotors. Calipers feature anywhere between one and six pistons driven by pneumatic pressure from the power brake booster and master cylinder. As you press the brake pedal, brake fluid gets forced into the caliper, where it extends the pistons, thus pushing the brake pads against the rotor and creating the friction responsible for stopping your vehicle.  

Brake Pads 

Brake pads consist of a high-friction material on a metal backing plate. Pads insert into your vehicle’s brake calipers, where they're compressed against the rotors when you press on your brake pedal to create the friction required to bring your vehicle to a stop. Multiple formulations are available, including ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic. 

Brake Rotors 

Brake rotors, or brake discs, connect to the vehicle’s hub. The rotors provide a contact surface for brake pads. While most rotors have a flat, featureless surface, performance models feature milled slots, drilled holes, or a combination of the two to reduce keep, prevent glazing, and improve performance. 

Brake Accessories

Caliper Covers 

Caliper covers don’t offer any performance benefits, but they do allow you to customize your vehicle and hide what can be an unsightly part of the brake system. Multiple colors and logos are available.

Performance Brake Kits 

Many manufacturers offer kits that include pads, calipers, and rotors under one part number, making upgrading your brake system with matching components a breeze!