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1982 GMC Jimmy Brake Rotors

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EBC Sport Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors
EBC Sport Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors
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Upgrade your brakes with a set of performance brake rotors from RealTruck.com RealTruck carries an ever expanding lineup of brake rotors including EBC Brakes and Power Stop.

OEM Brake Rotors

OE (Original Equipment) brake rotors are available with a traditional smooth rotor surface. Generally, they offer the same amount of performance and braking power as the vehicle’s original brake rotors.

Drilled Rotors

Drilled rotors offer greater performance than factory equipment. Holes in the rotor allow for brake pads to degas during use, reducing fade and maintaining consistent stopping power. Drilled rotors also create a high-performance look that is sought after by many automotive enthusiasts. However, they are less-than-ideal for large vehicles that do a lot of towing and hauling due to the possibility of stress fractures.

Slotted Rotors

The slots in the surface of the rotor allow for dust and dirt to be wiped away during performance. Clearing the rotor face of debris allows for consistent contact between the rotor and brake pad, which means greater stopping power. This design is a great choice for vehicles that frequently haul or tow heavy payloads.

Drilled and Slotted Rotors

This design combines the benefits of drilled holes and carved slots. Power Stop carries an extensive line of drilled and slotted rotors for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Dimpled and Slotted Rotors

Dimpled and slotted rotors offer all the benefits of drilled and slotted rotors, but are just as structurally sound as the OE rotor. Dimples are small holes in the rotor face that do not go all the way through, but still offer the benefits of holes. Dimpled and slotted rotors deliver maximum performance coupled with excellent durability. EBC Sport Rotors use this design.

Tips for Brake Rotor Installation

Clean your new brake rotors with brake cleaner before installation to remove all traces of oil that would otherwise ruin your pads. If you get any fingerprints on the friction surface during installation, use brake cleaner or rubbing alcohol to remove them before driving. Always install your wheels with a torque wrench as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Failure to do so can result in warped brake rotors and cause the vehicle to shake when applying the brakes. When installing new rotors, it's important to also install new brake pads. Reusing old brake pads with new rotors can create an uneven fiction pad transfer, creating vibration while braking as well as quickening the wear on the rotor itself.