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1995 Chevy Corvette Truck Brake Calipers & Caliper Covers

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Check out our wide selection of brake calipers and caliper covers to enhance your ride’s aesthetics and braking performance! 

What Are Brake Calipers? How Do They Work?

Brake calipers are an essential component of your vehicle’s braking system. While several types of calipers exist, including floating, fixed, and sliding, each serves essentially the same function.

Your vehicle’s brake system contains three major components: brake rotors, brake calipers, and brake pads. As you drive, the brake rotor spins at the same rate as your vehicle’s wheels. As you depress the brake pedal, fluid is forced from the master cylinder into the brake lines. This hydraulic pressure causes the pistons within the brake caliper to extend, thus pressing the brake pads into the rotors. This friction slows and eventually brings your vehicle to a halt.

Benefits of Replacing Brake Calipers

Brake calipers feature several wear components, including the rubber seals and pistons. After years of service and countless miles driven, these components can wear out, resulting in brake fluid leaks, seized pistons, and overall poor braking performance. 

Luckily, brake calipers are a relatively inexpensive replacement item for most applications, resulting in significant performance benefits without a significant dent in your bank account! A fresh set of calipers also improves aesthetics, especially when opting for corrosion-resistant zinc-plated or powder–coated calipers! 

Additionally, we offer caliper covers to spruce up your corroded factory units, like MGP caliper covers. This product provides the aesthetics of high-performance, 4-6-piston brake calipers at a fraction of the price.

Trusted Brake Caliper Brands

At RealTruck, we offer brake calipers from all of the top manufacturers, including: 

  • SSBC: SSBC brakes are built for performance and longevity. Rather than reproducing or rebuilding factory-style calipers, SSBC calipers feature an upgraded design and durable aluminum/stainless steel construction. All SSBC brake calipers are made in the USA and backed by a limited 1-year warranty. 

  • Goodyear: Goodyear doesn’t just make tires; the company also produces industry-leading brake calipers with an Antiox max coating to help prevent rust and corrosion! Goodyear calipers are ideal for use in corrosion-prone environments. 

  • Power Stop: USA-made or refurbished brake calipers offering OE-level performance. All calipers are 100% pressure tested for quality and safety, ensuring maximum safety and performance.