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1982 Dodge Ramcharger Bolt-On Performance Parts & Upgrades

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What Are 'Bolt-On' Performance Upgrades?

If you’re active in the automotive community, you’re likely familiar with the terms ‘bolt-on’ or ‘full-bolt-on’ used to describe a modified vehicle and its parts list. 

A ‘bolt-on’ refers to any performance part that can be substituted in place of a factory component by simply unbolting the OEM product and reinstalling the new piece! This term typically refers to horsepower and torque-boosting items like exhausts, intercoolers, air intakes, and more! Though these modifications may add significant power, installation isn't overly labor-intensive and requires zero custom work. 

‘Full bolt-on’ refers to a vehicle with nearly every bolt-on performance modification installed onto the short block, offering significant power gains over factory equipment without ever modifying the rotating assembly.

Types of Bolt-On Performance Upgrades

RealTruck offers several performance bolt-ons for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Some of our top sellers include:

Turbochargers and Turbo Downpipes

Turbocharged engines are one of two forced induction styles. Considering airflow is one of the three combustion requirements, along with fuel and ignitions, the more airflow, the better! Turbochargers feature a turbine operated by exhaust pressure. As exhaust pressure increases alongside throttle input, the turbine forces air into your vehicle intake system, thus increasing efficiency and power! 

Aftermarket turbochargers produce more boost, or PSI of air pressure funneled into an engine. As a rule of thumb, more boost equals more power!


Another vital component of most forced induction systems is an intercooler, which is essentially a radiator used to cool airflow from the turbo before reaching the intake. The cooler the air, the denser it is, which increases flow volume and leads to a more efficient burn! Intercoolers also lower EGTs and reduce boost pressure loss. 

At RealTruck, we offer several high-performance intercoolers that efficiently cool and condense airflow into the intake.

High-Capacity Transmission Pans

While your vehicle’s engine and transmission should operate harmoniously together, they’re constantly at war regarding heat and holding power. Most transmissions are only rated to stock power levels, with frequent abuse from performance modifications, hard-driving, or heavy towing significantly reducing the service life of your transmission fluid and, thus, transmission. 

If you’re concerned about longevity, consider a high-capacity transmission pan! These pans add multiple quarts of fluid capacity to your transmission, increasing cooling capabilities. Additionally, most feature external fins to better dissipate heat and prolong the life of your transmission!

Performance Intake Hoses

Your vehicle's intake tract should flow as smoothly as possible; the fewer restrictions, the better! Unfortunately, factory accordion-style couplers and intake hoses can significantly restrict airflow, robbing your vehicle of precious horsepower, torque, and overall efficiency. 

To boost power, consider ditching your vehicle’s factory intake hoses for high-flow replacements!