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1987 Ford Ranger Auto Batteries, Battery Chargers, and Jump Starters

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Auto Batteries

Your vehicle’s electrical system is one of its most vital, including the alternator and the ever-essential 12V battery. This large battery isn’t much different than the average household battery powering electronics, featuring a series of cells and a positive and negative terminal! With the battery charged and installed, cranking the key sends power to the starter, which turns over the engine and allows the alternator to take control! 

Unfortunately, the battery in your vehicle also suffers from the same shortcomings as its tiny counterparts powering your TV remote: it wears out over time. Though the alternator recharges the battery each time you drive, a worn battery loses the ability to hold a charge, resulting in slow cranking, overstraining the alternator, and eventually–failure. When this time comes, usually 3 to 4 years after purchase, it’s time to invest in a new replacement! Fortunately, we offer a wide selection of car batteries, including top brands like Optima, Odyssey, and Shuriken

Even if your current battery is in good shape, but you’d like to bolster your charging system with an auxiliary battery, consider a premium deep-cycle battery from RealTruck! We also offer heavy-duty mounts, like the Superwinch Auxiliary Battery Mount

Aside from Auto Batteries, we also offer several battery accessories, including Battery Chargers and Jump Starters!

Battery Chargers

Over time, your battery can lose charge from lack of use, accidentally leaving an accessory powered on, or a short in your vehicle’s wiring. When you’re dealing with a dead battery, it’s useful to have a battery charger on hand to remedy the issue! Products like CTEK Battery Chargers efficiently and safely recharge your car, truck, Jeep, or ATV’s battery, preventing overcharging and other issues.

Jump Starters

We also offer jump starters, which perform similarly to battery chargers, though they are far more powerful and can breathe life back into a dead battery in mere minutes rather than hours! Products like the aFe Portable Battery Jump Starter & Power Block offer exceptional power and durability, featuring a whopping 20,000mAh capacity and 1600-amp peak power to jump start up to a 7.0L diesel engine! 

Jump starters are must-have additions to roadside emergency kits, with most featuring IP68 water resistance, flashlights, and even USB charging ports!

Low or Dying Battery Symptoms

Fortunately, auto batteries don’t typically die out of nowhere; several warning signs indicate a battery is on its way out, including: 

  • Dim headlights

  • Slow cranking and starting

  • Internal resources like clock resetting

  • Low voltage–if below 12.6, then the battery is likely in need of a recharge or replacement

  • Bloating, leaking, or abnormal odor

  • Excessive corrosion on battery terminals

Auto Battery Resources

At RealTruck, we aren’t just a retailer but a resource! For information on auto batteries, check out our related pieces on RealSource, your source for everything truck, Jeep, and SUV!