What is an AGM Battery?

Updated on Jul 24, 2023

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 RealTruck Expert Team

AGM stands for absorbent glass mat, which refers to the internal structure of the battery. Instead of flooded lead plates, an AGM battery contains glass mats. These mats hold the battery’s electrolyte solution. The practical benefits of an AGM battery compared to lead acid are:

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  • Durability: AGM is far less susceptible to damage caused by vibration and shock when compared to lead acid. This is particularly useful for truck owners who spend time on uneven terrain such as mud, rocky trails, and other off-road destinations.

  • Resistance to Heat and Cold: Extreme temperatures play havoc with a lead acid battery’s lifespan. An AGM battery is much more resistant to loss of power and lifespan brought about by scalding heat and frigid cold, making it less likely to give up right when you need it most.

  • Mounting Options: Lead acid batteries must be mounted with the posts facing up (or to the side on side terminal batteries) to prevent the electrolyte from leaking out of the case. Since the electrolyte is held in suspension in an AGM battery, the battery can be mounted on its side. This is useful on custom applications where engine bay room is at a premium.

  • Power you can Depend On: Because AGM batteries are less prone to damage and reduced power, you can be confident that you’ll have the starting power you need in everything from hailstorms to heat waves.

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