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Ford Bronco II Cabin & Engine Air Filters

How is it that one of the components most pertinent to overall engine health is also one of the most commonly neglected? Air filters are crucial to your vehicle’s engine health, as are routine replacements at regularly scheduled service intervals. Luckily, we offer a wide selection of factory-style and performance air filters to service your ride and revamp performance!

What Do Air Filters Do?

Air filters do exactly as the name suggests: filter air! There are two primary air filter types found in a vehicle. These include the engine air filter, which filters damaging debris and particulate matter out of the engine’s air source, and the cabin air filter, which keeps dust and debris out of the HVAC system. 

Both filters are vital for the performance of their systems, and both require replacements at regularly scheduled service intervals.

Why Is It Important to Replace Air Filters?

As a filter reaches the end of its service life, it tends to clog with dust and debris, significantly reducing efficiency and, thus, performance. Replacing the air filter with a new unit or cleaning a serviceable air filter returns the air intake system to maximum efficiency, improving engine performance and fuel efficiency! 

Failing to replace or service your air filter according to manufacturer-specified service intervals can significantly hinder performance, leading to poor driveability, fuel economy, and even engine damage!

How Often Should You Replace Your Vehicle’s Air Filters?

While results may vary depending on your particular vehicle and usage, the recommended service interval for engine air filters is every 12,000–15,000 miles or annually, whichever comes first. This being said, certain conditions, like excessive dirt driving and off-roading, may lessen your air filter’s lifespan. 

Cabin air filters, on the other hand, should be replaced every 15,000–30,000 miles. Symptoms of a bad cabin air filter may include poor airflow from the HVAC system or a damp, musty odor from the vents with the air conditioning/heater running.