2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Round Off-Road Lights: LED & Halogen

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Round Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights are a crucial addition to any off-road rig; whether or not you’re planning to make it back to base camp by sundown, trail repairs and flat tires can seriously dig into your time, leaving you trekking down a trail in the pitch-black; no street light or road markers here! When the sun goes down, obstacles don’t get any easier, but premium off-road light will help light the way! 

There are several shapes of off-road lights; however, round off-road lights are one of the most versatile. These compact lights fit perfectly in aftermarket bumpers, factory fog light pockets, or on A-Pillar mounts, significantly increasing visibility without diminishing aesthetics. For all other light styles, check out our wide selection of off-road lighting.

Round Off-Road Light Types

Round off-road lights come in various configurations, depending on your preferred style and output needs.

  • Size: We carry several sizes, ranging from 2 to 8 inches in diameter; however, the most popular are 4, 6, and 7-inch diameters. 

  • Bulb Type: There are multiple lighting technologies on the market, with the two most popular being LED and Halogen. LED lights, or Light Emitting Diodes, are a highly-efficient and long-lasting light source. These bulbs are approximately 80 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs, producing far brighter output without overloading your vehicle's electrical system. Halogen lights, on the other hand, feature a familiar warm-toned glow. While reliable and effective, they aren’t overly efficient or long-lasting. 

  • Beam Pattern: Round off-road lights are available in various beam patterns, ideal for different applications. These include:

    • Driving: Typically a combination between spot and flood, producing a wide and long beam. 

    • Spot: Sharp, focused beam; designed to reach far distances, but aren’t overly wide. This pattern is often used for commercial and agricultural applications.

    • Work/Flood: Flood lights produce a wide beam pattern, ideal for illuminating the immediate area around your vehicle. These lights are ideal for work trucks, setting up campsites, and more!

    • DOT Fog: These lights are DOT-legal for road use, featuring a beam pattern that’s similar to your vehicle’s OEM fog lights. These lights are best used in lower visibility conditions like rain and fog. 

    • Multifunction/Combo: These lights often feature some chips/reflectors with one pattern and others of another.

Are Off-Road Lights Street Legal?

Yes and no; technically, no light is “street legal” unless it’s DOT-approved. While some manufacturers produce LED lights with DOT-approved lenses and bulbs/chips, like the KC Daylighter Gravity, most do not, making non-DOT off-road lights illegal for road use. 

If you’re running any non-DOT off-road lights on your street-driven vehicle, we’d recommend opaque light covers.