2012 Dodge Ram 2500 LED Backup Lights & Safety Lights for Trucks

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Whether you’re on the job site or navigating a dimly-lit trail, LED Backup and Safety Lights are a worthwhile addition to your truck, van, or SUV. These high-intensity lights provide ample visibility of your ride to alert other drivers of your position and help prevent accidents.

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Types of Safety Lights for Trucks

There are several types of safety-oriented lighting for pickup trucks, ranging from auxiliary reverse lights to strobing safety lights. Check out some of our most popular categories below! 

LED Back-Up Lights

Auxiliary backup lights (reverse lights) are a practical addition to any application, illuminating the surrounding area at the rear of your pickup to prevent impacts and aid positioning. Whether backing down a dimly-lit driveway, parking, or attempting to pull out of a tight parking lot, auxiliary reverse lights are a massive help. LED (light-emitting diode) technology only makes for superior functionality, providing exceptional light output with a minimal draw on your vehicle’s electrical system. 

Reverse lights are typically mounted to rear bumpers, trailer hitches, or any other area that positions the lights for maximum rear-facing illumination. 

Strobe Safety Lights

Strobe safety lights feature an integrated strobing mode that pulses, drawing the attention of oncoming or passing traffic. These lights are commonly found on work trucks to alert other drivers of roadwork. Strobe lights also alert drivers to the position of work/emergency vehicles parked near the shoulder. 

There are several configurations of strobe lights, ranging from shape to color and illumination technology. Strobe light shapes include beacon, low/high profile, rectangular, and square, while illumination typically includes amber and white halogen bulbs or LED chips.   

Side Mirror Blinkers

Auxiliary side markers add a turn signal to the cab of your pickup or other oversized vehicles. Factory turn signals embedded in the head and tail lights offer limited visibility to drivers directly beside your pickup; however, a turn signal attached to your vehicle’s mirror is highly visible to all drivers in all positions. With two additional turn signals, surrounding drivers have a better chance of spotting your signals and accommodating your next move.