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AVS® AeroCab™ Marker Light
From:  $159.99
Go Rhino Sport Bar 2
Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0
From:  $484.99
AVS® AeroCab™ Color-Match Marker Light
From:  $209.99
AVS Blackout Tail Light Covers
AVS® Blackout Tail Light Covers
From:  $104.99
AVS Headlight Covers
AVS® Headlight Covers
From:  $104.99
N-fab Pre-Runner Light Bars
N-Fab Pre-Runner Light Bars
From:  $404.99
N-Fab LED Light Bar Roof Mounts
N-Fab LED Light Bar Roof Mounts
From:  $116.99
Go Rhino Bed Bars
Go Rhino Bed Bars
From:  $174.99
Havoc 01 003
Havoc Offroad LED 3rd Brake Light Ring
From:  $89.99
Go Rhino 730500T 03
Go Rhino LED Light Mounts
From:  $99.99
AVS Projektorz Headlight Covers
AVS® Projektorz™ Headlight Covers
From:  $109.99
Lund NIGHTFX Guide Lights
From:  $184.99
Gorhino 732325T
Go Rhino XE Light Mount
From:  $49.99
AVS® Slots Taillight Covers
From:  $69.99
AVS® AeroCab™ Pro Marker Light
From:  $249.99
AVS® AeroCab™ Pro Color-Match Marker Light
From:  $299.99
Morimoto LF551
10% OFF
Morimoto XB Black DRL Hybrid LED Headlights
From:  $825.21$916.90
Morimoto Lf497
10% OFF
Morimoto XB Black DRL LED Headlights
From:  $805.50$895.00
AlphaRex 880140
AlphaRex Black Pro Series Headlights
From:  $325.84
Morimoto Lf350
10% OFF
Morimoto XB Black LED Tail Lights
From:  $310.05$344.50
AlphaRex 672010
AlphaRex Smoked Black Pro Series LED Tail Lights
From:  $23.74
Recon Smoked Black LED Tail Lights
Recon Smoked Black LED Tail Lights
From:  $399.95
Alpharex 620030
AlphaRex LUXX Series Black LED Tail Lights
From:  $375.00
AlphaRex 880163
AlphaRex Black Nova Series LED Headlights
From:  $965.00
AlphaRex 880722
AlphaRex Black LUXX Series LED Headlights
From:  $630.00
Recon Cab Lights
Recon Cab Lights
From:  $44.95
Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar
Putco Blade Quick Connect LED Tailgate Light Bar
From:  $345.99
Morimoto LF010
10% OFF
Morimoto XB LED Fog Lights
From:  $133.56$148.40
Anzo Black Switchback Projector Headlights
10% OFF
Anzo Black Switchback Projector Headlights
From:  $405.35$450.39
Recon Smoked Black LED Third Brake Lights
Recon Smoked Black LED Third Brake Lights
From:  $129.95

Why Light Kits are Important for Your Vehicle

Bolstering your truck, Jeep, or SUV’s lighting is one of the most effective and practical modifications you can make. Not only does high-quality lighting bolster your visibility of the road ahead but also others’ visibility of your pickup, minimizing the risk of visibility-related accidents and injury. At RealTruck, we offer several types of lighting, ranging from purely aesthetic to highly functional! Let’s cover a few of our most-popular lighting categories. 

Fog Lights

Fog lights greatly contribute to your visibility in dimly lit or foggy conditions. These bright lights are typically located in the front bumper, sitting closer to the ground than headlights to cut through the fog and project light directly onto the road. While generally white, fog logs can also cover golden and yellow color temperature ranges, which tend to cut through fog slightly better. 

Off-Road Lighting

Off-road lights are used for–you guessed it–off-roading! These high-intensity self-contained lights feature integrated heat-dissipating alloy housings, allowing you to mount them in various locations like aftermarket bumpers, A-pillars, and more! 

Most off-road lighting uses high-output LED technology to cut through all conditions, whether dusty, snowy, or rainy. Like fog lights, off-road lighting is typically offered with white or amber illumination. 


Auxiliary signals or high-intensity turn signal bulbs are a solid option for any application, providing better visibility of your turn signals to give other drivers on the road a clear, bright view of your next move. 

License Plate Lighting

Bright license plate lights are practical for both legal and aesthetic reasons. While working license plate lights are required by law, installing crisp, white LED bulbs is an effective way to modernize your ride’s appearance, especially if you’re already running LED headlights, signals, and running lights! 

Under Car Lights

Take your off-roader, weekend warrior, or even daily driver to the next level with premium under-car lighting! Offered as individual pods or LED strips, under-car lighting provides superior visibility of your vehicle’s suspension and the surrounding terrain. The additional light can benefit trail repairs, navigating dark trail sections, or even when parallel parking or reversing on a dimly lit street or driveway!

Top Truck Light Kit Brands

Not only do we carry the top light styles, but also the top brands! Check out some of the top-reviewed manufacturers on RealTruck. 

  • Morimoto: A leading manufacturer of premium, high-output headlights, fog lights, and tail light housings. The company is renowned for next-level build quality and an industry-leading 5-year warranty!

  • Alpharex: Though a newcomer to the industry, Alpharex has taken the market by storm with unique designs, innovative LED ice-cube projector technology, and quality to boot! 

  • Baja Designs: An industry leader in off-road lighting. Baja Designs specializes in LED offroad lights in varying dimensions and beam patterns, ranging from SAE road-legal fog lights to race-ready LED light bars!

  • Recon: From premium LED cab lights to full replacement headlights and taillights, Recon does it all. The company has been a staple in the automotive aftermarket lighting industry for years and continues to push the envelope for quality, innovative lighting.


Which is better, LED or Halogen lights? 

Though neither option is inherently bad, we’ll have to give the edge to LED lighting. LEDs are brighter, more efficient, and last substantially longer than comparable halogen bulbs; they also offer a wider color temperature range. 

Why should I install a light bar or LED cubes?

Whether for aesthetics or functionality, light bars, and LED cubes are a great way to bolster your ride’s appearance and light output. Just be mindful that some auxiliary lights are legal for off-road use only.  

 Are colored headlights and taillight covers legal? 

While the rule varies from state to state, generally no. Besides yellow/amber or white front-facing and red rear-facing, most colored lights are illegal.